"Freckled Aloe" | Texture Tuesday thoughts

This week's texture is a piece I was able to share at church this weekend. We were asked to pick a part of "The Lord's Prayer" and share a peice that displayed what topic / uance stood out to you. I chose God's provision. Here is the image I chose and the thoughts behind it.

"Freckled Aloe" | 20 x 30 Giclee Canvas Fine Art | contact@laurakmoore.com

"Freckled Aloe" | 20 x 30 Giclee Canvas Fine Art | contact@laurakmoore.com

Provision. Greek: Pronoia. (n) forethought, providential care

It has been said that the desert culture is much like a cactus itself--prickly, hostile, protective, cautious, untrusting. Isolated. Being brought into this place, I've found new depths to the meaning of God's provision.

He has provided lows. and darkness. and confusion. and loneliness. 

This piece is one of my favorite captures of a desert cactus. It is uncharacteristicly dark, moody, and draws your eyes through the textures--the details, the uniqueness, uncertain sharp points and speckled flakes--towards the center that is unknown. All that is known, is that there is life. Rich, saturated, watered life within. 


He provides, even deserts and discomfort. Pricks and prods of confusion and hopes deferred; rocky terrains where he lets our souls thirst. ache even. 

      so that, by His grace, we remember that this is not our home. 

He provides, even loneliness,

      so that His companionship is truly satisfying. 

He provides, even darkness, thick and heavy, definitively impossible...

      so that His light is more radiant. more attention-getting. more life-giving more beautiful. more necessary.

He provides, all things. carefully. perfectly.