That one time a couple girlfriends surprised me with a night away...

Christe showed up at my house Saturday afternoon and said, "get in the car." I was shocked. Lawson had just spent the last 2 hours helping me decide what to wear on our "hot date" evening and instead was sending me out with the ladies.

We pre-gamed at The Abbey Tucson. I had a custom-made espresso martini that rocked my world. 

Then when we arrived at Aloft, the modern ALOFT hotel in mid-town, and saw Hope waiting for us in the Lobby. Realizing that they had been working on this surprise for almost 2 months...Collaborating. Planning--it all clicked and I felt loved and affirmed and my heart felt like it got a deep, solid soul hug. 


We flopped onto an enormous bed and chat for awhile.

We kept our 'night out on the town' super low-key, enjoyed some Glory Curds at The Hub and finally admitted that pjs and wine and chocolate and bed sounded better than anything else available downtown. 

Christe & Hope laughing off a lame latte experience at a coffee shop downtown. Win some you lose some. 

Christe & Hope laughing off a lame latte experience at a coffee shop downtown. Win some you lose some. 

The next morning it was past 7am with zero kids needing us, no butts to wipe, no breakfast to make, no sounds, no pressure, no mind-over-matter gumption needed to get on with the day. Just quiet, blissful nothing. I mentioned something out loud about it. "This is so awesome guys" to which Hope replied, "that deserves a butt-slap." So I got a butt-slap...and then I had thoughts and wanted to talk about those thoughts. (Hope cuts me off:) "Too many words Laura. It's too early for so many words."  


Christe and I sneaked off to the gym and then Cartel Coffee Lab.

I could not remember last time I simply sun bathed without being smacked in the face by a toddler or have grapes squished between my toes or bombarded with squirt guns . This was my view for a solid hour of quiet and talk about community living and being wives and mentoring and loving our church and being okay with the mundane and being okay with deferred hopes and weight-loss and good food and all sorts of heart stuff in between...


I came home beaming. Thank you ladies. Thank you for loving me lavishly. :) | LKM