Destination Portraits

Scott + Mandy | Sedona Golf Resort | Arizona Destination Wedding


It was a stunning wedding day in Sedona Arizona only rivaled by the bride in a GREY STEEL Hailey Paige wedding gown and the calm composure of her close friends and family. Here are a few highlights from Scott + Mandy’s recent Destination Sedona Wedding.


Venue: Sedona Golf Resort // Gown: A and Be Bridal Shop // Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka Bridal // Bridal Jewelry: Olive & Piper // Bridesmaids Gown: Vici Bridal // Cake: Sedona Cake Couture // Stationary: En Love Occasions // Florist: Events by Show Stoppers // DJ / MC: Starz Entertainment // Makeup: Patricia Vega Studios

Q. What was the style/mood that you were going for from your wedding? What were your highest priorities?
A. We wanted a very classy yet whimsical wedding. My dress had a very fairytale like vibe and I wanted to continue that feeling throughout. We used a lot of whites, soft blues, and silvers, with a touch of a starry night theme to bring everything together and give it that whimsical feel we hoped for.

Q. What other vendors particularly rocked your world?
A. Our venue, Sedona Golf Resort, was amazing! The staff were so helpful and the location was perfect. Our DJ was Jimmy D. With Starz Entertainment and he was awesome! Super organized, kept the day moving, and kept the dance floor full! Our hair and makeup was done by Patricia Vega and she did a beautiful job, she really knows her stuff! ~ bride

CLIENT REVIEW (from the Bride:)

Q. Why did you initially hire Laura K Moore Photography?
A. Choosing a photographer for our wedding was actually the most difficult part of wedding planning for us. There are so many great photographers out there, how were we supposed to choose?! When we found Laura’a site and saw her pictures and how amazing she was at capturing the candid moments, it became a much easier decision! In addition, Laura seemed like someone who would be fun and easy going to be around. Since you spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor on your wedding day, this was really important to me. Laura made the day fun, easy, and made us feel confident that we were getting all the amazing shots we wanted and then some!
Q. What were some of the key highlights and memories of having LKM shoot your wedding?
A. She made things so easy! From the moment she got there, she went to work getting pictures of the dress, shoes, little details, everything! I never felt like I needed to give her any extra direction because she was already a step ahead of me, which made it much easier for me to relax. She was also great about helping us figure out posing and making things light and funny. My husband hates having his photo taken, but she made the process fun and easy!
Q. If you were to refer LKM to future brides & grooms, what would you say?
A. You can stop looking, you’ve found your photographer! Her pictures are timeless and elegant and really do capture the day. I spent hours researching photographers and could not be more thrilled to have chosen Laura for our big day! She’s an absolute gem!

Scott & Mandy, What an honor it was to be trusted with your wedding day! Your families were beautiful and your day was stunning! Excited to stay in touch as your future unfolds! // LKM


Venue: Sedona Golf Resort // Gown: A and Be Bridal Shop // Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka Bridal // Bridal Jewelry: Olive & Piper // Bridesmaids Gown: Vici Bridal // Cake: Sedona Cake Couture // Stationary: En Love Occasions // Florist: Events by Show Stoppers // DJ / MC: Starz Entertainment // Makeup: Patricia Vega Studios

Jason + Genevieve | Day-Before Sweetheart Session | Vermont Destination Wedding


As traveling wedding photographers, we have had to think through opportunities to create rapport and connection with our couples long-distance. Phone dates and email communication is the guts of our business and when we arrive the weekend of weddings, we carve out space to be there for the rehearsal and hopefully squeeze in a mini “day before” session to just break the ice and connect with bride and groom. Being able to spend a few moments with Jason & Genevieve the day before their elegant “spanish black tie wedding in the hills of vermont” was exactly that breath of connection we had hoped for….also…i had to take a moment to compose myself when I saw Genevieve’s Marchesa rehearsal dress.

The photos are so spectacular--our friends and family can't stop gushing about how romantic and special your shots are from our wedding weekend. Thank you again for making the trip to capture it all and for bringing so much love, light, and joy to the experience. We're so grateful to have met you and been able to work with you. ~ Jason & Genevieve

Kyle + Megan | Kraft Azalea Garden Engagement Session | Winterpark, FL


These florida sweethearts got fancy and grabbed their favorite luxury champagne Veuve Clicquot for a finale of their Orlando Florida Engagement Session in Kraft Azalea Gardens, Winter Park. By this point Megan & Kyle had gotten comfortable with me and the camera. We had all laughed a little, shared more of our stories and bonded a bit. Truly, it is this point in LKM engagement sessions that I (laura) settle in and breathe the best parts of romance. The goal in all our sessions is to ultimately find a natural, authentic stride where the attention is on each other and not the awkwardness. These two leaned into that and it was such a sweet place of comfort with each other. The backdrop of the gardens was exquisite and we ended on such a note of celebration. Highlights below! (if you didn't see the first part of their engagement session, here is Part 1)

Turkey Hill Farm Engagement Session | Portland, Maine | Chris + Megan

Chris & Megan are getting married tomorrow! Makayla and I flew into Boston last night and drove up to Portland Maine this afternoon to meet up with the soon-to-be-weds to grab a sweetheart session to just connect and laugh and diffuse and help get them familiar with direction and posing and not posing and just enjoying each other in front of the camera. And... before we even started Makayla and I just looked at each other and nodded, "they are going to be PERFECTLY FINE tomorrow..." :D 

Pami | Editorial (For a Friend) Shoot | Philippines

Pami and I went to highschool together about 15 years ago. She doesn't remember this but she may have saved my butt in chemistry class with a few late-night studying sessions that may or may not have included a bag full of cheetos, angry flash card reviews and a temper tantrum (or three).

Pami attended Biola University, studied nursing and thrived in Southern California. Through a series of events, she made her way back to Antipolo, Rizal and is currently the (temporary) director of a birthing clinic called Shalom. The long road that brought her back to the Philippines is only one hand-crafted and intuitively designed--a journey that she is smack-dab in the middle of. She works 12+ hour days and administrates, serves, teaches, coordinates, collaborates, delivers, nurses, nurtures and saves...  

On this morning we woke up before the sun and I colored her face and did her hair and found a few nice things in her closet and went out to a place where bamboo stalks were glazed with warm morning sunbeams. Ants worked, birds sang, crickets strummed and the hum of a southeast asian jungle was alive and strong.

We hiked through the blanket of humid air a bit. Finding a rickety bridge and a few off-the-beaten-path spots, I took her bags and asked her to breathe.

I spent about an hour with my friend and hoped SO badly that something would turn out well; that these pictures would be beautiful and she would feel beautiful. 

Pami rocked the whole darn thing. She carried herself with such poise…(Grin) Don’t get me wrong. It was work to get there. Some of the stuff we attempted were ridiculous and we caught ourselves giggling and wondering what we were doing out in the middle of nowhere with a half-constructed trail. Sweat dripped off my nose while I perched myself on a fallen tree with leaves the size of dinner platters. I tried not to think of the ants with fangs drooling over my foot that dangled above them. I shot and directed and just wanted to love my friend. 

Fast forward to last week when I sat working in the air-conditioned comfort of my Arizona apartment wrapping up a few edits from our time in the jungle—thousands of miles away. My moonbeams were her sunbeams and as I was writing, my quick email slowed and some thankful thoughts from deep places surprised me. The session was so much more than a editorial project for my portfolio. Here was this precious lady who shared a few pieces of her worn but obedient heart looking ever radiant in a place that is not always comfortable but a place that she chooses to love and pour herself into. And I was so thankful for her. For being able to see a sliver of the life she lives and people she loves and leads and her heart and spirit that is surrendering. daily. 

here are a few highlights...


LKM in SEDONA | "Behind the Scenes"

updated our behind the scenes blog today! a few highlights about last month's trip to Sedona for a shnazzy bridal show! click picture below!

me, nicky and corrie (#lkmwooteam) celebrating one of the best bridal shows we've ever done! 

me, nicky and corrie (#lkmwooteam) celebrating one of the best bridal shows we've ever done! 

PORTRAIT FLASH SALE: 8 Reasons Why You Want to Tap Into This


It's Monday. Day One of the rediculously insane LKM Portrait Flash Sale. I have been hosting a little countdown on facebook in anticipation and glory be, the response has been fantastic! 

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Happy Birthday Kristen Dalton Wolfe! | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Happy Birthday to this lovely lady today! Kristen, I hope this year of 'firsts' is rich with wonder. I hope this birthday and this first christmas as a newlywed is wrought with joy and precious memories and new traditions! Blessings girl! | To learn more about Kristen's heart and passion, check out her website  | lkm Kristen-Dalton-Celebrity-Wedding-Photography-The-Vineyards-Simi-Valley_0132

Kristen-Dalton-Celebrity-Wedding-Photography-The-Vineyards-Simi-Valley_0028 Los-Angelas-Kristen-Dalton-Wedding-Photography-Simi-Valley-The-Vineyards_0001 Kristen-Dalton-Celebrity-Wedding-Photography-The-Vineyards-Simi-Valley_0102Kristen-Dalton-Celebrity-Wedding-Photography-The-Vineyards-Simi-Valley_0137

Headed to Florida. . .

{ The Elusive Egret; The only flippin' picture i finally snagged | Dunnellon, FL | October 2011}

Last fall, almost exactly a year ago, my daughter and I packed our bags and shot over to my favorite little river city of Dunnellon, Central Florida. It was a whirlwind trip packed with a grip of fun portrait sessions and short-but-sweet reunions with relatives (my mom's side of the family lives there). I was giddy over the tree moss and the cool backdrop the Rainbow River provided. I swear the sky is bigger in Florida and it's sunsets are breathtaking. I tried to snag a few shots of water cranes, otters and even alligators that come to play in front of my Grandma's house. It was tough and i wasn't fast enough most of the time...which makes me REALLY excited that i get to return this October! So yes, rumor's true. LKM is headed to Florida and will be there for the month of October ! Go HERE for more details :)