There is a term in the industry called "ideal client." I wince a little when i hear that. Mostly because it makes me think so much about how clients can serve me. I resonate more with the question of "how would you describe your ideal photographer?"

The photographer I seek out and the standard our studio is built on... is one who connects with their clients. One who can direct and perceive when direction is no longer needed. Somebody who knows the ins and outs of the craft, but see people before they do their own ambitions or agenda. My ideal photographer is somebody who sees light uniquely--who is patient with a scene and composition and helps their subject fall in place without feeling posed or unnatural--deftly leading humans to be present; trusted to speak with kindness and lead with vision and also back-off to make space for authenticity. 

There are a lot of fancy cameras out there and pretty-picture-takers. We are surrounded in a wedding industry full of amazing artist and we have learned and been influenced by many of them! It's been 8 years since we started our own photography venture and lean into the standards we hold over our own studio.

Rapport. Authenticity. Excellence. Creativity. Joy. 

Our "ideal client" is one who resonates with those things and is seeking to invest in that kind of experience.