The business-to-business part of LKM’s brand

LKM Studios is the commercial / business-to-business branch of the LKM brand. Based in Tucson Arizona, Lawson & Laura Moore have had 12 years of “in the trenches” brand building, campaign strategizing and content development for small business. Specializing in lifestyle headshots, event photography, small business mentoring and marketing strategies—LKM brings an energy and communicative force to the visual part of your brand. Your experience with LKM will be handled with equal parts intuitiveness, market strategizing and nailing your personal portfolio priorities. Click the category below that best suites your needs!


Believing that authenticity is what attracts the current consumer generation, our photography style is journalistic portraiture with an edge. We want to capture who you are and what you love in a way that draws your audience to those things. We work hands on and communicatively to conceptually design a session experience that is real, strategically diverse and competitively alluring.


We approach each event with a desire to capture the main vibe and message of the brand being represented. We want you target audience to recognize your brand and be compelled to believe in it further. We shoot each unique event with comprehensively and enthusiastically. We merge professionalism and class with people skills and energy. We want your guests to feel valued, engaged and eager to see images of the event thereby driving traffic and builing loyalty to your brand.

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This is the pricing portal for LKM STUDIOS signature special event and headshot collections. You will find customized packages on the left and then an ala carte menu on the right where you can, if you so choose,build your own custom package. Please peruse, assess and then click your preferences and submit. We look forward to hearing the details of your vision. If you would like to build your custom package personally, email or call the studio at 951.756.2960 and we can sit down to tailor-fit your LKM experience!