owner and principle photographer for Laura K Moore Photography


I'd love for you to get a feel for some of my world and background. Considering that my aim is to get to know YOURS over time as your storyteller, I suppose it is only fair to keep things even... 

Here are a few RANDOM sprinkles of me:

- Vegetables are my jam and being healthy is a big priority. Running. Rugby. Volleyball. Dancing are particularly favorite "heart-pumpers."

- I'm a little bit of a "personality-assessment" junkie. Myers-Briggs and Strengthsfinder are two studies that I refer to often in conversation. Like, ALL THE TIME. So much so... that i've started to refer clients to so we can "know each other better." The results from these little discoveries are super enlightening and deliciously fun to discuss and compare notes. I'm an ENTJ married to an ENFP by the way... great fun. It's basically like tethering an ambitious lion to a super fun golden retriever...I apparently want to run the universe and my husband keeps me grounded, loyal and helps me chill. 

- EDM and contemporary 20s swing jams are my guilty musical pleasure. I've got 3 kiddos and our favorite road-time activity is rolling down the windows to see which car we can get to dance with us first. EPIC FUN. (raising uninhibited humans is pretty much the greatest laugh-worthy and delightful challenge ever.)

- Entrepreneurs are some of my most favorite people in the whole world.  Brave, solid, industrious adventurers -- activating the dreamer and watching skills, gifts and passions light on fire--**slurp**.... if i wasn't a wedding photographer, i'd want to run a marketing firm for small businesses so I'd be able to rub shoulders and help get brave worth-while dreams off the ground and running with a strong healthy stride in the real world.

- I have been working in the wedding industry for 12 years. We started off as a video company with another couple in Los Angeles  and a short-ways into that adventure I branched off. I found that brides and couples (whom I resonated with most) wanted to know their photographer personally. We now live in the desert but still travel often to get our coast-line fix. :) 

- My husband is my best friend. There are absolutely fireworks in our home OFTEN but we've dated for 15 years now and married for 12 of them. :) He is my home. (I wrote a little bit about that sappiness here in case you think it's cute.)

- I love Jesus. "Whole heart mind and soul." Talking about faith and religion is, hands down, one of the most favorite conversations in the whole live-long world. 

- I am a mom of 3 (11,9,7) and in a super fun stage of parenting. My kids are crazy different and growing into individuals whom i enjoy. They make me laugh, slow down, have fun and be present. Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had. It is absolutely the most important and learning the balance and the joy and surrender is a daily challenge.

- I've got a pretty rad job. It let's me work and do cool stuff and travel awesome places. It also allows me to be flexible for these crazy people....

Welcome to a bit of my life! I'm excited to hear about yours! :)


photo credit to photographer and friend, Trevor Crosby, who took these fantastic family portraits!