We've been really conflicted friends. Something has been missing in our wedding collections. Year after year--files after digital files--memories are being lost and forgotten. We knew we weren't quite doing our job as "storytellers" or "storykeepers." So... we decided to add something to our arsenal of memory making.

In the last couple years, we've been hunting for a piece that would provide a final product that would deliver an incredible heirloom that would capture your wedding day in print--something that was tangible, artful, well-made--an heirloom piece that would not just LAST...but LIVE and be LOVED. 



“I absolutely love the wedding album that Makayla and the LKM crew made for me & my husband! The pictures are large and the picture quality is crystal clear. She did a wonderful job encompassing our favorite pictures & memories from our big day. The album makes a perfect addition to our end table!” - Mariah Devries

These fine art heirlooms are beautiful storybooks & our most favorite way to tell your wedding day story. These are a far cry from your Costco or Shutterfly option and they are hand designed chronologically--intuitively curating the details, the emotion and the people that made your day crazy beautiful.  See specs below:


Covered in cotton linen, this storytelling book is displayed with archival-quality paper flush-mounted in an intuitive & chronological design. This is our most popular and favorite heirloom piece by both our staff and clients alike.

SPECS: 10 x 10 | 60 pages | Linen-bound | $650