Furthering brand recognition and credibility for good people, products, passions and events.

Based in Tucson, AZ. Will travel for a good story.

LKM Studios is the commercial / business-to-business branch of the LKM brand. Based in Tucson Arizona, Lawson & Laura Moore have had 12 years of “in the trenches” brand building, campaign strategizing and content development for small business. Specializing in lifestyle headshots, event photography, small business mentoring and marketing strategies—LKM brings an energy and communicative force to the visual part of your brand. Your experience with LKM will be handled with equal parts intuitiveness, market strategizing and nailing your personal portfolio priorities. Click the category below that best suites your needs!



Authenticity attracts. We want to capture who you are and what you love in a way that draws your audience to those things. We work hands on and communicatively to deliver a session experience that is personal, meaningful and competitively alluring.



We merge commercial quality with intuitive people skills while aiming for a beautiful diverse and lively portfolio that is proof of life behind your brand’s ideas, concepts and initiatives. We merge creativity and professionalism with personalism while nailing a delivery turn around speed that’ll make your head spin and your social media sing.



After a decade in the trenches of building a small business, LKM is now offering one-on-one business mentorship. With our forte in business assessment and grass root strategic growth development, we are keen on asking hard questions for real answers and giving meat to dreams with legs.