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Happy Birthday Jasmine! | Tucson Children Photographer

 {Jasmine | Fellowship of the Cross, House Church | November 2011} This young lady is hosting a mighty fine birthday party tomorrow at a cool pizza place in town. And honestly, i'm really excited about going. One, it'll be awesome to see my kids eye's bug out of their sockets as they experience Peter Piper Pizza/Arcade for the first time. But more significantly, this little girl impresses me so much. She and her family are part of my FIL's house church that meets out of our home on Sunday mornings. During the 'big people' discussion time, kids shoot back to the kid's room to find new things to do with princess dress up clothes, thomas the train tracks, half naked barbies and all the mysterious games you can create with those mixed together. (note to self: work on building a more diverse toy box). She's just a wee little one, but she is so attentive to Judah & Jordyn on Sunday Mornings. Judah adores her. She's got an enormous amount of gentleness and graciousness and is, by far, the best 'share-er' I've ever seen.

(above) those were definitely Jasmine's toys that she gracious let my kids...strip. Again, note to self: get Judah more boy toys.

This is me saying 'thank you' Jasmine. (And to your mama, 'Bravo, Debbie. You have done a great job!') You are a beautiful young lady and I delight in seeing your attentive little heart grow and engage with those around you. :)