Little Girls

McPhilipps Family & Co. | Romeo, Florida | Family Portrait Photographer

{McPhilipps Family & Co | Romeo, Florida | October 2011} Everybody has personality. Some have personalities that bursts, pop, flare, sass, hit you smack in the face, chase you off, draw you near and dear and even makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm sure that is an official title of some cool pyscho-assessing book somewhere in the world. If i were to write a personality book, I'd use these images and the offspring from this little pod to provide case in points. No kidding. When you get a bushel-full of whiz, bang, pow, beat em' up kinda  boys and a heaping cup o' girly squeals--you'd have to! But don't take my word for it...

(above) check out that smokin' gun and that snarl. can't beat that face. :)  cousin lovin'  (below) this would be, hands down, my first choice for the cover of my book  such sweet little facesthe marshland was eating him...and he had just broken his cool stickbig bro and his sneaky little spit fire of a wingman :)a mini mommy&me moment more cousin lovin'i want this whole cousin series framed :) Rikki, you scored such a cool backdrop with those huge oak trees and praise JESUS he sent those golden sun beams just for you and aaron at that last minute. :) McPhilipps & Richardsons... I am so glad I got to snag such a fun collection of memories for your 2011! Thank you so much for getting all dressed up and cozy with family, for trusting me, and definitely for letting the kids whip out all their tricks for the most fun batch of faces, energy and personality i 'er did see! Happy 2012. I can't wait for next years!! ;-)