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Texture Tuesday | Blurry night-practice pool lights

 {Texture | Blurry-ized image of pool lights while shooting the Knights Swim Team in Ocala, Florida | October 2011} I'm a huge fan of Trever Hoehne's work. I love the tones and consistent rich brand that characterizes his work. I went to school with the guy. Didn't know him very well. He did help me navigate my first DSLR 4 days before my first wedding shoot. That was cool. Nerve wrecking. But his 5 minute hands-on impromptu explanation of ISO and Aperture and Shutter Speed saved my rear for that wedding. (I know. Bizarre. The backwards way I've learned photography is not something I brag about.) He did a really cool series of art called Blurry Things that made me see the color and fun and art in photography. His stuff was stuff I'd put on my walls. And it made me want to shoot some of my own stuff that I'd be excited about and say, 'hey look! I shot this at a random swim team practice, messed with a few things, broke a few rules, played with it later...and it came out cool!" Thank you Trever for continuing to crank out sweet beauty and raising the bar. Often.| lkm