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It was a cold January morning. Christmas decor was still up and twinkling but the carols had been replaced with something crooning in the background, makeup spread out over the kitchen table while mom ironed the bride’s youngest sister’s recent vintage find. Old childhood friends and sisters swapped stories while the flower girls chirped with excitemnet and girlyness EVERYWHERE. 

The bride was all nerves. Phone calls were flooding in. Last details were were being listed. Mariah finally handed over her phone and said, "i'm giving this over now." 

The flurry subsided and the dress was put on. When she arrived at at Stlllwell House, she could barely see straight. We went and found the groom-calm but concerned most about his bride. Was she calm? was she ok? what else needed to be done? (always the servant. such a "do-er") We told him, "PJ. The only thing you need to do right now is slow down and help her breathe. Love her. Affirm her. And get yo'self married today."

The first look was precious. There were nervous giggles and an embrace that broke Mariah's resolve to not cry. And in that sweetness, the spirit of the wedding was welcomed. Celebratory--full of story and past and future and present. 

Mariah & PJ met Jesus in 2014. Their love story is woven for years past --spanning decades already. When Mariah chose the song "Future Past" for a worship song during the ceremony, there was a potency about what they sung about--what they recognized to be at the middle. And they sang that song together. Amid their friends and family that also closed their eyes and belted out the joy of Jesus and a Maker who was, is and is to come. 

The day increasingly warmed up while sunbeams created glowy light during an emotional ceremony. Portraits afterwards were calm and deeply romantic. They were quiet and content and both LKM second shooter, Sarah, and I felt the sense of breathing and "finally" happening. It was so necessary.

And as the sun dipped behind downtown Tucson's skyscrapers, we made our way back join in for dinner and a fun after-party that danced the night away.



Mariah & PJ, what were key moments that stood out to you during your session / wedding day?: The fact that LKM were so personal and easy to be around. I knew that when I was walking down the isle and when we were saying our vows they would catch the emotional feel of those moments.Then there was the fact that they caught things that I hadn't seen. When I saw the pictures I was blown away by how amazing they turned out. Looking at them is like opening a present full of touching surprises. I came across one of my mom ironing my veil. It had been hers when she married my dad over 40 years ago. Also seeing pictures of my girls watching me put on my dress and getting ready. I didn't even know they were looking at me at the time the pictures were being taking. We set up a special memorial area for my father-in-law and LKM got beautiful pictures of that as well. So many beautiful and touching pictures to remember our day!

What were your highlights about working with LKM?: Laura knows our story and has watched us grow in our relationship. She made sure that certain details throughout our day were recorded. She made sure that things that were important to us were included for our memories. They work from the sidelines never in the way, awesome at blending in and having fun with my family and all of our guests.

What would you tell a future client interested in hiring LKM?: Do not hesitate to book. LKM books up fast and so worth EVERY single penny! Our pictures are absolutely stunning. All of the feelings from the day were captured perfectly. I knew from the moment we became engaged that LKM would do our photography.

PJ & Mariah, thank you so much for trusting LKM STUDIOS with your wedding and this whole season of stinkin' wonderful love :) 

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Charlie + Ronika: Tucson Palo Verde Desert Wash & Sunset Bike Ride Engagement Session

Charlie & Ronika are so chill and made my job was painfully easy. I realized that much of their ease would allow me to hush up and let them breathe together. Pre-wedding craziness is at a high and this evening together seemed to be progressively more of a detox "i-love-you-so-much" interlude. And the reminding grace that "oh-my-gosh-i-want-to-be-with-this-person-forever" seemed to wash over them in moments of sweetness and sunbeams...sunset bike rides. I am beyond excited for their wedding at the Tucson Museum of ArtGame on baby. | lkm

EDIT // I asked Ronika for some of the backstory for her and Charlie's wedding day and she gave the sweetest proposal story that i had to add...

Its beginning: The modest rumble of a triumph motorcycle, led me to you that night. I made my way to the door to thank you, Charlie, for the two colorful assorted bouquets. I found you at the end of the steps looking hesitant but sexy in cowboy boots, fitted jeans, button down gray shirt covered by a brown vest. I walked toward the man who I had desired since a young girl. By our third date I realized he was the face I had tried so hard to imagine, a man full integrity, love and a need for adventure. I opened my arms and you embraced me, I felt the slightest trembling running through your skin. You grabbed my hands and looked up at me with a big determined grin and said, “Ronika a year ago today I asked you to hangout and today I wanted ask if you would hang out with me for the rest of your life!” . The man of my dreams took one knee and asked me to marry him. I was altogether beside myself unable to keep tears of happiness from ruling my entire face. My dreams had become a reality this is a moment I shall always remember....Shall we always to choose to love.