WPPI 2016 | Notes from LKM's TIME TALK.


"....There is stress. There is fear. There is this crazy bad habit of tending to either unnecessary urgent things or trivial time-suckers. There is a lack of systems or discipline or even the awareness that those might be missing.

And yet still there is this crazy beautiful stir for growth--something that keeps you at the helm--maybe it brings you back on deck to assess the storm or the ship. And you've got this fire that can't be snuffed and hope that there is something more than inspirational chatter with empty promises blessing ambition. You want something real, tangible and applicable. I did. I craved it. I needed help if I was going to sustain. survive. and dare i even dream of thriving?..."


If you would like to get a copy of the script and challenge questions + tools from the presentation: "The Art of Running Your Business by Treating Your Craft Like One" please fill out the mini form below AND answer this question in the comments below: WHAT IS AN AREA OF YOUR BUSINESS THAT TAKES UP TOO MUCH TIME?

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Click here to read more behind-the-scenes stuff about this talk AND to win an "on us" sort of skype or phone date to talk tangible systems and schedules; areas of time YOU crave to redeem! // And thank you for taking the time to do that! Your feedback is valuable. Every response is read by a real, live human and taken into consideration as we develop and curate more resources! Joy! | LKM