LKM is an Affiliate of Kelly Moore Bag!

We are now a proud affiliate of Kelly Moore Bag!

Short story--these are the best camera bags in the whole world. They have been one of the most important investments in our photography arsenal and they continue to crank out new materials and design options and brand development as the years go by.

I, Laura, vouch for these bad boys. They are a pretty penny. They are an investment. It will also be the best camera bag you'll ever purchase! 

To celebrate our new position as pom-pom shakers for KMB they just announced a 2 day FALL SALE on their camera bags!



And just in case you are on the fence or need a nudge or are trying to figure out what the hoopla is about, here's my fanaticism boiled down to its beginning. :)

I started off with an awkward borrowed camera bag that was nearly 20 years old and didn't hold my equipment and hung awkwardly on my shoulder or around my chest as a sling. It'd nearly dump out all of my stuff every time i tried to open it on the fly. I'm a mom so it was just another thing to drape around my body next to a baby, a baby bag, maybe a purse, maybe my computer bag... I know i carry too much most of the time anyways. And it didn't help. 

When i saw Kelly Moore, one of my top favorite photographers who inspired me at the very beginning of my own journey, launch her line of camera bags, my jaw dropped. Really? It was possible? Functional and classy? Variety and personality? Well-built and intuitive design? WHAT?! 

I won my first bag--the Classic Kelly Moore. It was her first and only design for a couple years. It turned heads and I felt so put together. No more masculine clunky things or velcro sounds or spilt equipment. Couple years later they released the LIBBY and i knew it was what i needed. It was my additional limb. It went with me everywhere! I can prove it. From 2012-2015 nearly all our family vacation pictures plus my behind the scenes on-location work pictures have that baby by my side. I'm emotionally attached. 

I've, in the last year, branched out and experimented with a few other designs from the Kelly Moore Bag line. Trying to alleviate the weight on my shoulders but still have a bag that would be optimum for my style of shooting, I've got my eye on a few and saving up!

So go check them out! Get yo'self some eyecandy! Then come back and tell me what you think! I've got my eye on the ESTHER or the SONGBIRD. :D

Which one has your name etched all over it??

Pami | Editorial (For a Friend) Shoot | Philippines

Pami and I went to highschool together about 15 years ago. She doesn't remember this but she may have saved my butt in chemistry class with a few late-night studying sessions that may or may not have included a bag full of cheetos, angry flash card reviews and a temper tantrum (or three).

Pami attended Biola University, studied nursing and thrived in Southern California. Through a series of events, she made her way back to Antipolo, Rizal and is currently the (temporary) director of a birthing clinic called Shalom. The long road that brought her back to the Philippines is only one hand-crafted and intuitively designed--a journey that she is smack-dab in the middle of. She works 12+ hour days and administrates, serves, teaches, coordinates, collaborates, delivers, nurses, nurtures and saves...  

On this morning we woke up before the sun and I colored her face and did her hair and found a few nice things in her closet and went out to a place where bamboo stalks were glazed with warm morning sunbeams. Ants worked, birds sang, crickets strummed and the hum of a southeast asian jungle was alive and strong.

We hiked through the blanket of humid air a bit. Finding a rickety bridge and a few off-the-beaten-path spots, I took her bags and asked her to breathe.

I spent about an hour with my friend and hoped SO badly that something would turn out well; that these pictures would be beautiful and she would feel beautiful. 

Pami rocked the whole darn thing. She carried herself with such poise…(Grin) Don’t get me wrong. It was work to get there. Some of the stuff we attempted were ridiculous and we caught ourselves giggling and wondering what we were doing out in the middle of nowhere with a half-constructed trail. Sweat dripped off my nose while I perched myself on a fallen tree with leaves the size of dinner platters. I tried not to think of the ants with fangs drooling over my foot that dangled above them. I shot and directed and just wanted to love my friend. 

Fast forward to last week when I sat working in the air-conditioned comfort of my Arizona apartment wrapping up a few edits from our time in the jungle—thousands of miles away. My moonbeams were her sunbeams and as I was writing, my quick email slowed and some thankful thoughts from deep places surprised me. The session was so much more than a editorial project for my portfolio. Here was this precious lady who shared a few pieces of her worn but obedient heart looking ever radiant in a place that is not always comfortable but a place that she chooses to love and pour herself into. And I was so thankful for her. For being able to see a sliver of the life she lives and people she loves and leads and her heart and spirit that is surrendering. daily. 

here are a few highlights...