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Christman Family | Tiburon, California | Bay Area Portrait Photographer

tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0002{Christman Family | Mill Valley, Town of Tiburon,  Bay Area Family Portrait Photographer} This precious little family was a joy to hang out with. I have NEVER worked so hard in my LIFE to get two little girls to 'stay with me' and 'stay happy'. Props to my two assistants who were on full-blown joy overload for the 2 hours we spent together! We frolicked. We chased pigeons. We raced. We changed activities about 5 million times to keep everybody on their toes. The mist was thick. The town was quiet. And this family let me watch them be a family for a couple hours. It was a pretty epic afternoon. tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0008tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0005tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0006we sipped tea in front of boutiques. if ever there were a middle name for this town, it would most certainly be "la ti da".tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0009our stage #2 of Operation: 'Keep Little Ones Stoked' (about pictures) was staged back at Golden Gate Theological Seminary where this family has been for several years. I hope these pictures are full of nostalgia. These girls have swung on these swings since they could sit up straight. It's often the little things; the little places with the biggest memories ya know? tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0017 tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0018 tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0020tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0019i just love this black and white below...tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0021and then finally, i had to mention i got adam to give me a bona fide frolick. best. moment. ever.tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0011though the image below might be my most top favoritetiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0012tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0013tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0015and then I politely and ever so gently asked this mildly reserved couple to just give me a few moments...some sweet, married tenderness. and indeed...mommy and daddy still are crazy about each other :)tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0016oh! and one last final little note from this beautiful momma...tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0022they are most definitely expecting #3....and this is their announcement picture. i'll translate. 1 +1+1=5. :) tiburon-family-portraits-destination-photographer-san-francisco_0014Dear friends, thank you for trusting me with these memories! Mill Valley, in all its mystery and lovely dew, was a wonderful place to shoot in for the first time! Thank you for introducing me to the town of Tiburon; "San Francisco's Best Kept Secret" and, more importantly, your little girls. I hope these are treasures for years to come :) | LKM