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Tucson Botanical Gardens | Ng Family Portraits

It's almost Father's Day and this dad's interaction with his daughters were some of my most favorites taken all year. It was my first time shooting in Tucson Botanical Gardens and I could barely contain my excitement. It was pretty darn dreamy. And with these girls so bright eyed and bright colored, it was a pretty special session experience.

Here is the NG family. Full of joy and such a gentle, patient family. 

Hodge Family | Tucson Sonoran Desert Gates Pass Portraits

Tucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-6{ Hodge Family | Tucson Sonoran Desert Gates Pass | Portraits | December 2012} Nikki charmed my socks off with her first facebook inquiry and when we met up at Gates Pass earlier this month, my sixth sense did not disappoint. This little family was a treat! I can't wait to meet and capture more memories with them when baby #2 arrives in February!  | lkm Tucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-4 Tucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-8Dad was G R E A T with dex. Tucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-3Can you believe it? MOM was the one who specifically asked for a 'shot of dad throwing dex really really high in the air.' Most moms would have thrown up if you had only seen the ravine path we were on and the cactus Dex was flying over! Tucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-2some belly lovinTucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-7 Tucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-5i love this triptic... Tucson-Sonoran-Desert-Gates-Pass-Hodge-Family-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography-1Thank you so much Hodge family!  Enjoy enjoy enjoy!! | lkm

Papa Family & Co | Tucson Family Photography | Agua Caliente

{Papa Family & Co | Holiday Portrait Session | Agua Caliente Tucson, AZ | November 2011} I met Andrea (Papa) Malinowski over the summer at Tucson Refugee Ministry's Kids Camp 2011. Her servants heart and incredible patience with her kids were the things that most struck me about this woman. It almost bothered me. I repeatedly wondered, 'how is it POSSIBLE to be so cheerful, giving, endlessly energetic and willing to serve with FIVE KIDS IN TOW??!' But her kids are great, her family is incredible, and her husband Chris leads with a joy and gentleness that warmed my heart so much. With her extended family visiting from out of town,  we nailed a large family session over the Thanksgiving weekend to capture the bonding and captivating spirit of these sweet new friends. | lkm

I love how the girls are thrilled and the 2 little boy look....confused. :) Little Isaiah is probably one of the cutest kids I've ever laid eyes on. Matthew had enough energy for all of us...and then some! Elizabeth was a more quiet subject...but when we got her up in a tree and playing with cousins, she lit up! Like Father like son Grandma & Grandpa seemed delighted to snag a few sweet memories with the kids.When i stole them away for a few sweetheart pics, they jumped right in--no hesitations, no whining, no complaining that they were too old to be romantic. They just smooched away. And i giggled (very professionally mind you) the whole time.There were 3 generations of Joe's. You can only imagine how hard--and hilarious--that makes directing when doing a family photo session.Medium Joe's family was stinkin' cute.  Our attempt to take pictures with the dog (his name escapes me. probably 'joe') despite the fact that there was a flock of ducks waddling directly behind me. I tried to explain that they were not conducive to a photo shoot, but they just quacked at me. the nerve.Andrea, you may never really understand how, even in our short time as friends, you have taught me -- modeled for me -- much about grace. I hope we are friends for a very long time.

Jenkins Family | Tucson Family Photography | Agua Caliente

{Jenkins Family | Agua Caliente, Tucson, AZ | November 2011} It's a small world after all. Thanks to facebook :) Alisha was referred to me by our good friends, the Zunighas in California and then we found out we had a bunch of mutual friends (yay facebook) and hit it off right away. I enjoyed getting to know their sweet family. Piper was cute as a bugs ear (because we ALL know bug's ears are stinkin cute) and God was kind enough to splatter a few special sunbeams right along our path for some great shots!