Arizona Engagement Photography

Honey Bee State Park | Lace & Saguaros | Tucson Engagement Session


Sometimes sunlight just says, “yo—i get you. i got you. here let me lay down this syrupy honey goodness while you shoot.” Plus Casey & Katlyn were great at simply loving eachother…okay actually CASEY gave me a run for my money and insisted I NOT give him cheesy directions or do funny stuff. I looked at him and said, “dude….just love her. and if THAT feels weird laugh and it will LOOK affectionate whether you like it or not.” It was a quick mini session and we lingered for a little traipsing around in our completely inappropriately clad feet for desert treading.

But this photo location is actually called Honey Bee State Park and considering how delightfully golden the sunsets are as they dip over the little mini valley — i say it is adequately named.

Curtis + Jenna | Downtown Casual Engagement Session | Tucson, Arizona Wedding Photography

 {Curtis + Jenna | Downtown Tucson Engagement Sessions | July 2012} Working with Curtis + Jenna has been such a joy. For what little i know of their ins and outs, they couldn't be any more opposite! But it's pretty neat to see God folding them into each other's lives. Folding--that's exactly what I stretched them to do during this engagement session. I wanted Jenna to just fold herself into Curtis. The objective was to make this man feel strong--to accent Jenna's delightful joy and Curtis quite strength. They wanted to keep things 'subtle' and really natural. I tried to capture the little things--the nuances and subtle conversations--the little touches.  I even told them to give me a 'signal' if I asked them to do anything that 'felt funny.' ... oh this face...i love this face almost as much as i love her heart :D 

i really like this black and white...

remember that 'signal' i mentioned above? yea...i got it once... :D these are my favorite... one of their favorite swank little cafes... :)We went to go change wardrobe...check out that stellar glasses! I wish we had played with those more :D its the little looks, ya know?below right was one of my favorite split-second moments during the whole shoot...Jenna spontaneously just whipped her arms around Curtis and gave him a big wet one :)Jenna specfically scouted out this wall and asked for a series with it...this is their REALLY excited face...So incredibly excited to celebrate with these guys on their wedding day in 4 weeks!! :D EEK! | lkm