Tucson Engagement Photography

Honey Bee State Park | Lace & Saguaros | Tucson Engagement Session


Sometimes sunlight just says, “yo—i get you. i got you. here let me lay down this syrupy honey goodness while you shoot.” Plus Casey & Katlyn were great at simply loving eachother…okay actually CASEY gave me a run for my money and insisted I NOT give him cheesy directions or do funny stuff. I looked at him and said, “dude….just love her. and if THAT feels weird laugh and it will LOOK affectionate whether you like it or not.” It was a quick mini session and we lingered for a little traipsing around in our completely inappropriately clad feet for desert treading.

But this photo location is actually called Honey Bee State Park and considering how delightfully golden the sunsets are as they dip over the little mini valley — i say it is adequately named.

Tim + Jenna | Deserty Lovin' and a Fiesty Dancer | Tanque Verde Guest Ranch Engagement Session


Tim & Jenna were from Tucson but lived in Phoenix and were getting married in Cancun. They had seen some of our wedding pictures styled by Margarita Potts via her instagram feed with her team at I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry and reached out for prices and a quote for the whole shibang: storytelling in Tucson and following them to Cancun.....we coulnd't say "yes please" fast enough. :) 

Jenna cared most about being natural, clean light, real emotion and bright colors. She liked light and liked wine and she knew how to strut some heals like a gazelle across the jagged rocks of the Sonoran desert (hats off lady). Tim...well, he was skeptical. An email following the session read, "Tim just told me...wow! that was actually kind of fun and way better than i expected." (*laughing*... #nailed it. I'll go for "kinda fun" from any tough cookie who'd rather be chill than posed or passed off as a schmuck. I get you sir. I don't want you lookin' schmuckly either.) 

So they drove to Tucson, grabbed a room at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch and I met them there to talk wedding details, frolick about in the desert, drink some wine, navigate a few sweetheart moments, get them comfortable with my style -- expressing their affection-- (not difficult) and got to know each other. Here are a few highlights! :)

(P.S. we are sharing highlights from their destination wedding in Cancun tomorrow on the blog! Stop back by!)

Wyatt + Hilary | Red Mugs & Desert Wash Coffee Dates | Lifestyle Engagement Session

Wyatt + Hilary are planning their wedding from Sacramento. Knowing that they only had a few trips to cram a whole lot of strategic wedding development in, we snagged some time over the holidays to meet for coffee and hang out in the desert. I was told Wyatt doesn't like pictures. And my response was, "whelp good thing he doesn't have to. he just has to love you and i'll be there for it..."

So we met on a chilly winter morning. Stopped for coffee and then found a wash where the sun was just barely beginning to kiss the dew...

Here are a few favorite moments with these two...

Harry + Hilary | A (RAINY) Tucson Desert Engagement Session | Saguaro National Park

Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-2{Harry & Hilary | Dessert Engagement Session | Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ | Laura K Moore Wedding Photography} Harry & Hilary made me beam for a solid 2 hours. Granted, this was the wettest engagement session I have ever shot. BUT, I'm pretty sure it ranks up there with a favorite. From the backdrop they chose (saguaro national park) and the special little personal nuances they brought along with them...I'm pretty sure we nailed something special! Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-22 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-15 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-14 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-13 tucson wedding photographerthey ride bikes in this park ALL the time...Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-16notice Harry on the right below? yea, that's him attempting to be serious...attempting.. Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-17notice the rain?? :D did i mention we got wet?? Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-9 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-24i love this one... Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-5and this one... i LOVE that point of complete abandonment. when i can step aside and a couple trusts enough and is comfortable enough...to just love each other. Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-6harry & hilary tucson engagement session Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-21they laugh ALL. the. time.Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-4 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-20 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-3 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-11 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-12 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-10 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-25 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-7 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-18 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-23 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-19 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-8 Oh Harry & Hilary, you two were definitely a highlight for my weekend!  I hope you enjoy these moments captured as much as I have! | lkm

Mike + Roni | Tucson, Arizona Engagement Session | Hot Pink Momma Meets RockStar :)

(Mike + Roni | Engagement Session | June 2012} I'm currently wrapping up the edits of M + R's wedding a few weeks ago and I just realized i never posted highlights from their engagement session earlier this summer! These two really enjoy each other. Obviously. :) | lkm

M + R, you guys are a hoot! Excited for you to be celebrating SUCH a fun stage of life right now! | lkm


Tyler + Megan | Tucson Engagement Session | Pt.2 - "Romance in a Desert Wash"

 {Tyler + Megan | Engagement Session | North Tucson | April 2012} After we hit up T + M's favorite date spot (See Part One), we sauntered over to the nearby wash (a common landmark in Tucson). I wasn't sure what to expect. As a photographer stationed in the desert (grin) I'm still workin' on my collection of locations and backdrops to shoot in...I'll have to write more about the changing and challenging scenery later. While Megan was anticipating a couple romantic hugs on the bridge I suggested we jump down INTO the wash (which was an impressive feat for a client in a sassy dress, a pregnant photographer and a grip of camera gear). But we did it and I was so glad we did! The sun was setting and provided a soft glow as a few tall, assuming weeds played off the neutral tones of the lovebird's wardrobe. I was eyeballing the sunbeams streaking through the bridge pillars knowing that that was where i'd wrap up the shoot...

Tyler + Megan are getting married in Alburquerque, New Mexico next month. I am SO excited for them to start this new chapter...AND finally get to live in the same city. They've been doing long distance for the past few months and my heart goes out to them. While distance is a pretty 'safe' way to do the engagement period, it's gut-wrenching. Been there. Done that. Thank you so much for letting me be part of these memories T + M. I hope this last month of preparing for the celebration and the rest of your lives ROCKS and is full of great, great amazing joy! | lkm