Claremont Wedding Photography

Luke + Juliette | Sweetheart Session | Claremont, CA

It's my brother's birthday and I wish I were near him. with him. able to do something crazy somewhere in the vacinity of him. but he's working at some fancy firm doing some fancy design stuff in Silicone Valley, changing the world one fancy art development at a time. 

I hunted through a few pictures I had of him. And then realized...oh man oh man, i never shared his sweetheart session with his best friend and girlfriend, Juliette. 

So here is Luke and his woman. These beautiful people are my family and I'm sending you one solid air guitar your direction...  :) 


"Portrait of promise in waiting" | Andy & Rachael | teaser

Rancho-Cucamonga-Yellow-Grey-Wedding-Laura-K-Moore-Photography_0003 {Andy & Rachael | Rancho Cucamonga, California Wedding} This image of Rachael takes my breath away. It captures every bit of her as I observed on her wedding day. So much joy. Complete surety that the day was perfect; that it had arrived full of promise and sweet innocence of everything waited for, hope for, prepared for...Rachael, you were a stunning bride! | lkm

Peter + Vanessa | Hidden Oaks Rancho Cucamonga California Wedding Photography | Sunset Session

 {Peter + Vanessa | BUGBEE-JOHNSON WEDDING | Upland, California | 06.16.12} As I was editing some of my very favorite sweetheart images from P + V's wedding day, I wanted to share a few! One of the biggest things that struck me about P  + V's wedding was their love and concern for those coming to celebrate with them! These two were so intentional as they planned their wedding ay and did their absolute best to cater to the different needs of guest, kept guests and family in the loop while planning, asked me a plethora of questions that would make sure they capitalized on as much photo time as they could--they were brilliant! Since they opted not to see each other before the ceremony, we knew we would have to really be attentive to the time constraints for their post-ceremony pictures without making guests wait too long. That interlude is often pretty tricky to navigate. After their reception grand entrance, we b-lined it straight to sunset picture time. While guests enjoyed food and bonding, we embraced the golden sunlight spilling into the back of the property! We whipped out some stellar images and wonderful memories as they relaxed and got ready to party with friends and family! | lkmlove you guys!