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Luke + Juliette | Sweetheart Session | Claremont, CA

It's my brother's birthday and I wish I were near him. with him. able to do something crazy somewhere in the vacinity of him. but he's working at some fancy firm doing some fancy design stuff in Silicone Valley, changing the world one fancy art development at a time. 

I hunted through a few pictures I had of him. And then realized...oh man oh man, i never shared his sweetheart session with his best friend and girlfriend, Juliette. 

So here is Luke and his woman. These beautiful people are my family and I'm sending you one solid air guitar your direction...  :) 


Andy + Rachael | Padua Hills Engagement Session | Claremont California | Los Angelas Wedding Photographer {Inspiration: Yellow, Stripes, & Chill}

Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0006 {Andy & Rachael | Padua Hills Engagement Session | Claremont California | Los Angelas Wedding Photographer {Inspiration: Yellow, Stripes, & Chill}

What a beautiful afternoon!! The sun mixed with a soft haze to create a soft, glowy, romantic atmosphere. Andy needed some insisting at first. (grin) It feels weird--I get it--to have somebody ask you to kiss..for a long time. and like it. and LOOK like you like it...and THEN get up in your business and snap pictures of it. I get it! But about 10 minutes into shooting, we hit a stride and i backed off a bit...we found a few stellar spots around Claremont College campus to enjoy each other a bit. Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0003Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0004Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0005Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0002Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0012Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0013Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0008Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0009Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0010Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0011Once done enjoying The Claremont Colleges, we made our way up to Padua Hills...and oh did the foothills deliver. I have a love affair with grass and all things green and sunbeams. I just breathed in the smell of spring blooming...and by this time, I saw Andy & Rachael falling into eachother even more...  Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0014I went to a photographer's conference recently. One of my favorite speakers, Sue Bryce, pushed me to slow down and really aim for a connection with the client. my groom. my bride. the person(s) in front of me who'se trusting me to 'capture them'...not just pose and go. It's easy to get so caught up in racing the sunset or making sure settings are right or your directing them well enough...but taking a deep breath, letting the clients rest, find their moment together and then nudging them to be more vulnerable and relax even more....such a skill...such an art...such a goal... Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0015 Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0016 Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0017 Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0018 Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0019Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0025 Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0021 Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0022Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0028 Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0026Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0027Claremont-Wedding-Photographer-Padua-Hills-Engagement-Session-Laura-K-Moore_0030 My dear friends, I am tickled pink to be trusted with this crazy awesome stage of life for you guys! Can't wait to see you again and celebrate with you both on your wedding day in June! | LKM