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Mariah & Her Babies | Tucson, Arizona Family Portrait Photographer

Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0002{Mariah & Her Babies | Mommy & Me Portrait Session | Tucson, Arizona Family Portrait Photographer} (It's only appropriate that I break my 2 month blog-silence streak with a particular favorite little mob of wonder.) :)

Mariah & Her Kiddos walked into our life a year ago."Joyous Strain" has taken on a whole new meaning in my life since Mariah embraced me as friend. The wonder of change and freedom; hurt and surrender; beauty in the ashes...Mariah you have affected me for forever. And it's only the beginning. I love you. | lkm

Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0003 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0004 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0006Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0008 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0009 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0010this next one is one of my favoritesTucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0011 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0012 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0013 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0014doesn't Deus look like such a little man here?Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0015

these precious kiddos....guh.Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0016 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0018Joy Joy Joy!



Knowlton Family | Arizona Portrait Photography

{Knowlton Family Portraits | Agua Caliente, Tucson, AZ | January 2012} I met this sweet family at a homeschool co-op day. I set up a little booth, shared some pictures, advertised a 'bonus' promo for those who booked on the day of and came home with a grip of new families I'd get to capture memories for!  The Knowltons  showed up dapper and ready for an amazing session!

so much stinkin' personality! the boys ate UP all the attention... daddy-daughter really get to me. I've been missing my dad a lot lately. It makes me get all tender and mushy when I direct the daddy-daughter moments during a session... Seriously, i've never had such willing candidates to whip out funny faces on the fly! I ADORE the in-between moments when shooting families...those bite-size 'rest' times where the kids get to do what they want. You get to really snag some AWESOME faces... :) Mom NAILED it in the 'prop' department. I really encourage families to bring a little momento that would be a special icon of who each member is... costumes are most favorite! :D this little guy took his legos REALLY REALLY seriously. it was awesome. below are three images of about 20 as he explained how cool this particular contraption was... Little bit on the right (below)...yea, this is what he called his VIKING costume. check out those fuzzy boots! SO. BOY. And parents of three youngsters can still get sweet on eachother....i LOVE these moments... My most favorite thing about the time i got to spend with the Knowltons, was watching Karen. Just in that hour and a half, I was so impressed by her constant giddyness with her kids. You could tell she had the 'im a mom of two crazy boys' thing DOWN. She wasn't faking. She wasn't pushing through to make. She let the wildness slide off her shoulders and laughed WITH her kid. Seriously. My eyes just welled up thinking about it. She challenged me, so much, to dive into my kid's fun. She did more than TOLERATE the craziness. That strikes a chord with me in so many ways... :)