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Mariah & Her Babies | Tucson, Arizona Family Portrait Photographer

Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0002{Mariah & Her Babies | Mommy & Me Portrait Session | Tucson, Arizona Family Portrait Photographer} (It's only appropriate that I break my 2 month blog-silence streak with a particular favorite little mob of wonder.) :)

Mariah & Her Kiddos walked into our life a year ago."Joyous Strain" has taken on a whole new meaning in my life since Mariah embraced me as friend. The wonder of change and freedom; hurt and surrender; beauty in the ashes...Mariah you have affected me for forever. And it's only the beginning. I love you. | lkm

Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0003 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0004 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0006Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0008 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0009 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0010this next one is one of my favoritesTucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0011 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0012 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0013 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0014doesn't Deus look like such a little man here?Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0015

these precious kiddos....guh.Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0016 Tucson-Family-Portrait-Photographer-Laura-K-Moore_0018Joy Joy Joy!



Capaccio Family | Arizona Family Photographer

{Capaccio Girls | Agua Caliente, Tucson, AZ | December 2011} Oh my stars I am drooling over all this color. :) When I tell families, 'pop the make-up, bring a wardrobe that offers texture and options, possibly toss in a few props to play with'...I sometimes get a nervous chuckle in return. However--when Christine called to talk shop about a family session, she took up the challenge and even brought one of those HUGE colorful parachutes to play with! I died. Capaccios brought their A-game, I brought my giddy little self, God delivered His sunset---awesomeness on a platter. | lkm

oh to have a sister... I was SHOCKED I snagged this one shot. both of them could NOT keep from bustin' up. tender little mercies getting mom and dad to give me a 'bit o' romance' was one of my highlights from the shoot. we had to warm up a bit, set the girls up right behind me to 'oo and awww' on cue. Soon enough they got through their giggles (cough) (i mean manly laughter) and... signed...


...and delivered. :D - Capaccios, you rock. Fiercly like. :) Happy New Year! | lkm