U of A seniors

College Roommies | Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer

{College Roomies from L to R: Lauren, Susie, Tori & Erin | Agua Caliente  Tucson, AZ | Deceber 2011} I'm blessed. I really am. I get to call these ladies my friends. Not trying to be sappy. Really. I just didn't expect, AT ALL, to have cool friends in Tucson. But even bigger than me, I watch these ladies trudge through the end of college, reach winter break with such adamant relief and describe the oncoming transitions facing each one individually. I remember those years of change--of ripe independence colliding with oncoming new responsibilities. These pictures snatch a bit of those fleeting moments of carefree celebration; of friendships; of memories that (i hope for these ladies) will be so sweet for years to come. | lkm

cheers to college girls :) ...and all that is thereafter :)