AARON | Cal Poly Pomona | Senior Portraits

Cal-Poly-Pomona-Senior-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography_0004{Aaron | Cal Poly Pomona State University | 2013} And as a celebratory fist pump to the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, here is a pretty suave young man struttin' his senior self. Graduated with a degree in Aarospace engineering, Aaron spent gobs of hours finishing out his 2013 senior year. He wanted to make sure the session was on the campus that held so many memories...both academically and personally... Click here to see highlights from Aaron's session



The chinese pond area on campus was one of his first dates with Aaron's fiance--whom he married 6 days after this shoot. So much milestone celebration crammed into one intense summer!Cal-Poly-Pomona-Senior-Portraits-Laura-K-Moore-Photography_0017










Aaron, thank you for letting capture this incredible milestone for you!  Blessings on this new chapter! | Joy, LKM

MICAH | Musician Meets Mad Men | Urban-Styled Tucson Senior Portraits

 {Micah | Senior Portraits | April 2012 | Tucson, AZ } This kid is so suave. Literally--my husband came bounding home after a shift at Starbucks uber excited to tell me he found a rad Senior client for me. He began to sing accolades about Micah's chill sense of humor and ability to carry on conversation--you know, little things that a regular customer/barista relationship can establish. His mom set the session up, I met Micah in downtown on a blistering hot late afternoon. He was down with caravaning around 4th/5th street finding a wicked cool building that the sun was hitting just right. We stopped near this wearhouse, i gave him the basic run down of how 'a guy looks cool in senior pictures' and we hung out for the next hour or two playing with different poses, backdrops, wardrobes, inside jokes, etc. I was thankful for the extra time Micah and his mom chose to invest in. It really made a difference in the session experience. I felt like I reached a myriad of emotional expressions, we weren't rushed, we laughed a ton, we're able to relax... it was a blessing to be trusted with these milestone pictures! | lkm

"now...Micah, i want you to jump off that step with your top best air guitar impression" i love the composition of the two pics below. maybe it's just how the colors work against the sky...i dunno... i vote album cover...headshots below are probably top fave :) Micah just naturally slid into 'subject' role and was awesome to shoot...

MICAH | Musician Meets Mad Men | Urban-Styled Tucson Senior Portraits | teaser

 {Micah | Senior Portrait Sessions | Downtown Tucson | April 2012 | teaser}

I'm doing it backwards again. HERE is the facebook highlight album for Micah's Senior Sesh... I'd love to write about this shoot but I'm pretty sure i'm going to nod off and hit my head on the keyboard any second now. Last time i checked, head-banging isn't the most effective method of blog writing. for now: This senior session goes down as one of my top favorites. I mean, who gets a highschool senior dude to crank out 'the Zoolander face', mixing suave and goofy effortlessly, and a offering 12-point model pose series without blinking? Micah was amazing to work with and skirting around 5th avenue for an hour and half was a blast! | lkm  :)

Alison | California Baptist University Senior Portraits | sneak peak

 {Alison Moore | Senior Portrait Session | Downtown Tucson, AZ | March 2012} Here is a sneak peak into my senior session with Alison Moore. More golden loveliness can be seen on her gallery HERE. :D

College Roommies | Tucson Senior Portrait Photographer

{College Roomies from L to R: Lauren, Susie, Tori & Erin | Agua Caliente  Tucson, AZ | Deceber 2011} I'm blessed. I really am. I get to call these ladies my friends. Not trying to be sappy. Really. I just didn't expect, AT ALL, to have cool friends in Tucson. But even bigger than me, I watch these ladies trudge through the end of college, reach winter break with such adamant relief and describe the oncoming transitions facing each one individually. I remember those years of change--of ripe independence colliding with oncoming new responsibilities. These pictures snatch a bit of those fleeting moments of carefree celebration; of friendships; of memories that (i hope for these ladies) will be so sweet for years to come. | lkm

cheers to college girls :) ...and all that is thereafter :)

Rock the Frock | Senior Sessions Revamped!

 {AZ Portrait Promo | Payton Stauch Senior Portrait Session | October 2010}

It's that time. Seniors have started their final stretch, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the hallelujah chorus is playing gently but progressively louder. I offer and insist you consider a different approach to senior portraits this year. Step aside from the stiff poses, the typical backdrops and the tilted chins. Instead, don your favorite knickerbockers, assemble the most memorable props from highschool, add a dash of creativity and bring some personality! Consider making it a group event and grab your besties from highschool to do a group photo shoot and make it a fun, memorable affair! You'll capture highschool and preserve this stage of your life with so much flare--(sigh)--it makes me jealous.

Feeling inspired? Contact LKM and we'll plan that raddest senior sesh that'll make the rest of your classmates drool. Muaa aa aaa.

P.S. Group rates apply so the more peeps you assemble the more pennies you save for that rad college car.

P.P.S  Just in case I wasn't quite clear, I suggest you consider booking...uhm, now. October is gonna get crazy... :)