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Lauren | Ventana Canyon Couture Bridal Session | Tucson Wedding Photographer

Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0005{Lauren | Ventana Canyon Couture Bridal Session | Tucson Wedding Photographer}

Lauren's grandmother MADE her incredible wedding dress.  Jaw-dropping right? Hand-laced. Hand-loved. I haven't been able to do very many bridal sessions and it was extraordinary. The ability to relax, capture these still moments in this one of a kind dress, laugh and giggle a bit with the bride-to-be, practice moving and enjoying her wedding dress was really special. I'm so glad we did this Lauren. I'm so glad you took the time and thought to honor your grandma and all the sweat, blood and tears that went into this piece of art. You are a joy. | lkm Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0006


We specifically wanted to get pictures of grandma actually working on the dress...

Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0008Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0002 Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0009Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0003and of course grandpa got to sneak in a kiss as well :)

Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0001Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0004Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0019and then we went to go enjoy some of the glowy sunset up in the foothills of the catalina mountains

Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0012Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0013 Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0010Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0007Loews-Ventana-Canyon-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore-Bridal-Session_0011Joy, LKM


Peter + Vanessa | Claremont, California Wedding Photography | The Bride

 {Vanessa (Johnson) Bugbee | My New Sister! | Claremont, CA | Johnson-Bugbee Wedding 06.16.12} My brother, Peter Bugbee, turned 25 today. Well--yesterday technically. On the 4th. Along with promised fireworks, I was dead set on releasing a few teasers of his brand new bride...i may be 30 minutes late, but alas, beauty still drips and my heart is full as i post a few favorites of Vanessa on her and Peter's wedding day. Happy Birthday Brotha! I love you! | lkm

 So so so much more to come... love you both!