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It's a new year and we are continuing to build, develop, and refine the voice, message and trajectory of LKM STUDIOS.  We rewrote our "about page", broke it into two parts--"Meet Laura" and "LKM Philosophy." We are excited about the sweet stories we have yet to share from last year and are particularly stoked about what this year has in store! 

Click on the links above to read about who LKM is and the approach we have towards photography, our clients, the culture of our studio and the life we aim to pursue holistically! Thanks for stopping by! | LKM


Disney Acrobate and Hollister Model Engagement Session | Padua Hills Theatre | Claremont, CA

Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0002{Lillie & Aaron | Disney Acrobate & Anakin Skywalker Engaged | Padua Hills Theatre, Claremont, Ca} So much giggles during this engagement session earlier this past summer! Anakin Skywalker (cough), i mean Aaron, dotes on his little lady and she gets equally googly-eyed. The whole time we shot he was strutting his model curves and she'd kidney-shot him from time to time. We were in stitches by the end of the day!

These two are getting married today! And I'm pretty sure there is nobody more giddy on the face of the planet than they are....wait. (time lapse). nope. i checked. | LKM Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0001Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0003 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0004 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0005 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0006 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0007 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0008 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0009 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0010 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0011 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0013 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0014 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0015 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0016 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0017 Claremont-Engagement-Session-Los-Angelas-Wedding-Photographer-Laura-k-Moore_0018

Peter + Vanessa | Claremont, California Wedding Photography | The Bride

 {Vanessa (Johnson) Bugbee | My New Sister! | Claremont, CA | Johnson-Bugbee Wedding 06.16.12} My brother, Peter Bugbee, turned 25 today. Well--yesterday technically. On the 4th. Along with promised fireworks, I was dead set on releasing a few teasers of his brand new bride...i may be 30 minutes late, but alas, beauty still drips and my heart is full as i post a few favorites of Vanessa on her and Peter's wedding day. Happy Birthday Brotha! I love you! | lkm

 So so so much more to come... love you both!