citrus engagement session

Peter + Vanessa | Southern California Engagement Session | Citrus State Historical Park | Pt.1

 {Peter + Vanessa | Engagement Session | Citrus State Historical Park, Riverside, CA | January 2012 } Last February  I  got an amazing series of phone calls from my brother, Peter.  It started off like this: "Hey sis. So...i have my eyes on someone." Oh my word. Was I thrilled. My brother is pretty amazing. He loves Jesus more than anything and when I heard that Vanessa was the one that had captured his attention, I choked on my asparagus.  He spoke of her heart for others, the way he loved serving with her--and then he told me about her issue with SOCKS and I was sold.  They spent nearly a year dating, getting to know each other better and then when she spent a semester in Africa with her nursing program from APU this past fall, he spoke of his incredible longing for her. My brother...a man...longing for this woman whom he wanted for his bride. He proposed in Africa by the way.... but i'm saving that story, written by my brother, for tomorrow. :) | lkm

the 'how to dip' coaching session was full of belly-laughs your guess is as good as mineThis is Peter talking to my other brother Nathan who was SUPPOSED to have come hang out for the afternoon. Peter arrived at the session, spent an hour cuddling with his fiance and then suddenly gasped and shot a look at Vanessa, "we forgot Nathan." It's kinda funny now -noitisnot- especially remembering Vanessa's look of horror and Peter's genuine look of remorse. I haven't seen Nathan in 9 months....yes, yes I am still bitter.two of my favorites from the day...I vote no glasses for the wedding. What do you think? I get another sister!!! Part Two coming tomorrow :) Along with one of the best proposal stories I've ever heard of... :)