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Melo Family | Lifestyle Mini Sessions | Riverside, CA

Last May I pushed the 'play again' button my fitness journey. (see the "LKM beast mode journal" here) and it was initially because of this lady featured below with her family. Cindy started her own journey a few months prior and committed it to the public eye. She instagrammed the snot out of sweat. (-grin- there should be a t-shirt for that) I was curious to see what would stick. How long before she slacked... but she didn't. And it was encouraging to me. Convicting actually. I called her up and asked her about T25 and the rest is history. Over the summer we kept in touch, she snagged a mini session this last California visit and I beamed when I saw her...thriving and healthy with her little pod in Riverside. I am honored to capture a piece of this season in their lives. | LKM

(and if you are looking for a coach or just a dose of motivation...go connect with her here. she's wonderful at all that :D)

PORTRAIT FLASH SALE: 8 Reasons Why You Want to Tap Into This


It's Monday. Day One of the rediculously insane LKM Portrait Flash Sale. I have been hosting a little countdown on facebook in anticipation and glory be, the response has been fantastic! 

Here are 8 reasons why you want to tap into this:

#1. 50% off guys. I'm a clarence junkie. I see this and I'm like, HOOK UP YO. = HAPPINESS. 

#2. Christmas Gift Certificate options just got a whole lot more cool. FOR HALF OFF. #yeababy

#3. You're gonna be like, that super prudent friend with fresh 2014 holiday pictures that are full of life and personality and milestones. #legit

#4. Christmas Cards get out early. Or at least ON TIME. #woah

#5. Two-fers. I.E. Two sessions for the price of one. #zealousmuch? It's a real thing.

#6. Shout out to you awesome entrepreneurs, social media gurus, sales peeps...be on the ball and roll out a fresh face-lift in January? #headshots 

#7. Empty nesters...both pre and post babies... you can strut your sweetheart selves #ownit

Which reason tickels your fancy? You have another reason? Post below in the comments and receive $10 off your session booking. "Share" the link and get another $10 off. Tweet about it.... same deal. You get the picture. Have fun. 

BOOK HERE on our updated "book a session" page!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Peter + Vanessa | Southern California Engagement Session | Citrus State Historical Park | Pt.1

 {Peter + Vanessa | Engagement Session | Citrus State Historical Park, Riverside, CA | January 2012 } Last February  I  got an amazing series of phone calls from my brother, Peter.  It started off like this: "Hey sis. So...i have my eyes on someone." Oh my word. Was I thrilled. My brother is pretty amazing. He loves Jesus more than anything and when I heard that Vanessa was the one that had captured his attention, I choked on my asparagus.  He spoke of her heart for others, the way he loved serving with her--and then he told me about her issue with SOCKS and I was sold.  They spent nearly a year dating, getting to know each other better and then when she spent a semester in Africa with her nursing program from APU this past fall, he spoke of his incredible longing for her. My brother...a man...longing for this woman whom he wanted for his bride. He proposed in Africa by the way.... but i'm saving that story, written by my brother, for tomorrow. :) | lkm

the 'how to dip' coaching session was full of belly-laughs your guess is as good as mineThis is Peter talking to my other brother Nathan who was SUPPOSED to have come hang out for the afternoon. Peter arrived at the session, spent an hour cuddling with his fiance and then suddenly gasped and shot a look at Vanessa, "we forgot Nathan." It's kinda funny now -noitisnot- especially remembering Vanessa's look of horror and Peter's genuine look of remorse. I haven't seen Nathan in 9 months....yes, yes I am still bitter.two of my favorites from the day...I vote no glasses for the wedding. What do you think? I get another sister!!! Part Two coming tomorrow :) Along with one of the best proposal stories I've ever heard of... :)