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Steve + Aidelni | Downtown Urban Love Story | Lifestyle Engagement Session

They first met at Union at St. Philipps Plaza.

"Surely she's not really interested in me..." is what Steven thought... But what came out was, "hey, does that fish dinner taste good because it really stinks..."  Aidelni was put off by his bluntness but also saw something more charming and endearing about this man. After hours of small talk, drinks and flirtation it was time for them to part ways. 

Earlier in the evening, Steven had made a joke of how a woman all dressed up in high heels would never work with a man in sandals on a bicycle. And thinking he somehow had managed to keep this beautiful woman by his side all night he went for the line to end all lines.... " I need to get going, but do you think maybe you want to come check out my bicycle?" 

Steven walked her over to his bicycle and grinned. Aidelni smiled. He was just so stinkin' charming. Steven was still shy and unsure but he knew his moment was fleeting. " May I kiss you?" He leaned in for a gentle kiss, in the middle of the night, amongst strangers as a feeling of adoration hung in the warm summer air.  "Could a guy like me ever have a chance with a woman like you?" he asked as he got on his bike. "It depends on you.." she replied and slipped back into the bar. 

... When I first met these two I was charmed by Steven's affection and gentleness towards Aidelni. And she leans into him, affirms him, thinks he is the funniest thing on earth. She showed up to the shoot beaming, brought a fantastic wardrobe of colorful classy pieces and he was strong and patient....and loved her well. 

I love this session. I loved my time with these two. I have paused too many times at the images where they are holding each other. And the ones where they are laughing... it's a quiet, peaceful sort of thing. I can't believe I get to be part of this season of their story... | LKM


Johnny + Lauren | A Red + Black Classy Downtown Engagement Session

downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0001{Johnny + Lauren | Downtown Tucson Engagement Session } These two are getting married today!!!! So excited to CELEBRATE with them! | LKMdowntown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0002 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0003 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0005 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0007 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0011 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0012 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0013 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0015 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0017 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0018 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0019 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0019b downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0021 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0022