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Andrew + Jen's DIY Backyard Wedding | San Jose, CA

Andrew & Jen had an incredible backyard wedding in San Jose this summer. (You might remember their faces from their Manhattan Beach Engagement Session in the spring). It was small, intimate, relaxed, full of laughter and brightly lit with warm sunshine bursting through garden roses and all sorts of DIY details.

The ladies got ready at a good friend's salon, ate In-N-Out and caught up on memories and "remember-whens"...

Andrew + Jen chose to have  FIRST LOOK moment primarily to make sure they could truly enjoy each other for some private time...and THEN take a lot of relaxed pictures with wedding party, family...

Wedding Party caught up with them at the park and the timing was perfect. There was a breeze, their was leisure, there were picnic blankets and grown men playing on swings and see saws. Just couldn't have been better.

While the rest of the wedding party made way to Jen's aunts house where the festivities were being hosted, Andrew & Jen stayed behind for a few sweetheart portraits...

We were able to snag a few more relaxed family portraits pre-ceremony with Jen's fam...

And then the bride hid with dad while guests trickled in to sit on fold up chair under a picnic awning laced with branches and burlap, hemp string and garden flowers...The ceremony began and...I am again so tickled by how no FIRST LOOK or anything can take away from a groom watching his bride come down the aisle. It is special in and of itself... They incorporated several special jewish traditions into the ceremony, the audience participated, bride giggled, groom beamed, they stomped on glass and everybody cheered!

Conveniently aunt owns two homes side by side. A garden door leads from one ceremony backyard straight into a stunning modernized bohemian / understated alice-in-wonderland kind of patio. They hired a catering company to serve and keep the wine flowing. It was a simple sort of family affair. The perfect kind. Where laughter meets dancing at the intersection of newlywed.

While guests partied freely, A + J skipped out for a few minutes to grab some casual neighborhood sweetheart shots. We captured them on the sidewalk where sunbeams were sending their fareawells. We walked down the street that they'd remember as their wedding day street. They kissed fiercely. Loved exhuberantly...and then went back to join in on more dancing. Happy Wedding Day folks. This one was a favorite. | lkm


....while most all details seen and captured were DIY or borrowed from friends and family, here is a working list of some of the paces and resources for A + J's detai

Location: Aunt's Backyard // Flowers: Costco // Bride's Shoes: Toms & Ross // MakeUp: Paizleys Salon & Spa // Bridesmaids Dress: Davids Bridal 

Johnny + Lauren | A Red + Black Classy Downtown Engagement Session

downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0001{Johnny + Lauren | Downtown Tucson Engagement Session } These two are getting married today!!!! So excited to CELEBRATE with them! | LKMdowntown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0002 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0003 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0005 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0007 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0011 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0012 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0013 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0015 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0017 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0018 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0019 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0019b downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0021 downtown-tucson-engagement-session-laura-k-moore_0022

Kristen J. Dalton | Los Angelas Wedding Photography | Beverly Hills Bridal Portraits | teaser


 {Los Angelas Bridal Portrait Session | Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton | Summer 2013} I'm absolutely falling in love with bridal portrait sessions; a session within weeks of the wedding where the bride and I get to bond, get beautiful, get crazy, get comfortable, do a few trial runs, practice working with the body, the dress, the shoes, the's like an epic dress rehearsal that delivers epic images that may or may not be POSSIBLE on a wedding day. While it started in the south, west coast is picking up on the trend to have a few of these images shared at the wedding itself. Fun stuff. Love love loved my time with Kristen a week before her wedding. More sparkly goodness coming soon :) | lkm

Ryan & Samantha | Yellow and Teal Couture Wedding Photography | San Diego, Green Gables Estate | Pt.1

San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0050{Ryan & Samantha | Yellow and Teal Couture Wedding Photography | San Diego, Green Gables Estate | The Girls}

So...i'm breaking highlights from this amazing San Diego wedding into multiple parts. There is just...too much awesomeness. Yellow and deep teal were Sam's colors with a splash of couture inspiration. With Guess heels and Vera Wang dress, Ms. Fashionista herself was glowing. My team and I arrived at the 'girls pad' late morning with time to spare so we could just hang out and bond a bit while they gussied up...San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0043 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0044 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0045

oh that dress.... Vera Wang did not dissapoint!San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0046 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0047 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0048 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0049San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0058 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0059Sam and her mom had a really special bond... San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0060Once we donned the dress, touched up the make-up we had planned to spend a good amount as 'just us girls.' We hit up mom's orchards in the backyard  first...San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0061 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0062 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0063 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0064 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0065 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0066 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0067 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0068 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0069sam was more than willing to do pretty much anything...until winds picked up and we were frozen to the bone. The rest of the bridal party went to go warm up in the car while MOH Catie and Sam enjoyed a few last minute laughs and poses. San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0070 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0071San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0072then meandered over to some awesome nearby train tracks and let the 'sass' spew. Back at the Green Gables Estate, we avoided San Diego's once-in-a-lifetime hurricane remnants  and gushed over the incredible Bridal Prep room decorated with posh little quaint details.

San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0051 oh man....these little ones.... :)San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0052San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0053San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0054San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Rehearsal_BAER_0057

the lady in waiting... ;) love these moments of anticipation. the excitement OOZED... :)

to be continued... :) | lkm

Sophia | tucson lifestyle newborn moments

Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-8{Sophia | Lifestyle Newborn Moments | Tucson, AZ | January 2013} I've titled this blog very intentionally: 'lifestyle newborn moments' :) Seriously. Newborn photography is NOT my forte. In fact, I have a grip of newborn photographers I am UBER eager to refer any expecting mom to (email me). Newborn photography is an incredibly fine art in and of itself. You know--the time, patience and intense fine skill and prep to nail those BOMB pinterest images that make mommies swoon all over the planet? Babies posing in perfect sleepy poses with heads propped in their hands or cuddled up in ball of perfection. Yup. Never gotten there. NEVER.

I called up my friend, Missy, yesterday  to  see if i could swing by and just capture a few moments of 'little-ness.' It wasn't fancy. I have no props. I haven't any fancy backdrops or monkey hats or cool fluffy pilllows perfect for these things. I just wanted to snatch a few moments in this stage of Sophia's first week where newness abounds. So with GPS in hand and a  bit o' dinner love in tow, I paid a visit. I hugged Drew & Missy, conversed a little with new-big-sister Emma, gushed over Sophia and snatch a few real moments with the family. (beat)  This whole welcoming-new-life into the world is intense. Motherhood is intense. The tiny-ness and abandonment of self is insane...crazy, crazy beautiful. (moment to weep a little inside my heart with how big of a deal these thoughts are) (anyways) Love you Montagues! Welcome Sophia!  | lkm Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-4 Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-10 Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-1 Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-3 Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-11 Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-9 Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-7 Tucson-Lifestyle-Newborn-Photography-Baby-Portraits-6


Harry + Hilary | A (RAINY) Tucson Desert Engagement Session | Saguaro National Park

Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-2{Harry & Hilary | Dessert Engagement Session | Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ | Laura K Moore Wedding Photography} Harry & Hilary made me beam for a solid 2 hours. Granted, this was the wettest engagement session I have ever shot. BUT, I'm pretty sure it ranks up there with a favorite. From the backdrop they chose (saguaro national park) and the special little personal nuances they brought along with them...I'm pretty sure we nailed something special! Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-22 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-15 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-14 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-13 tucson wedding photographerthey ride bikes in this park ALL the time...Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-16notice Harry on the right below? yea, that's him attempting to be serious...attempting.. Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-17notice the rain?? :D did i mention we got wet?? Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-9 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-24i love this one... Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-5and this one... i LOVE that point of complete abandonment. when i can step aside and a couple trusts enough and is comfortable just love each other. Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-6harry & hilary tucson engagement session Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-21they laugh ALL. the. time.Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-4 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-20 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-3 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-11 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-12 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-10 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-25 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-7 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-18 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-23 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-19 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-8 Oh Harry & Hilary, you two were definitely a highlight for my weekend!  I hope you enjoy these moments captured as much as I have! | lkm

Mike + Roni | Amado Territory Inn | Southwest Arizona Wedding Photography

{Mike + Roni | Amando Territory Inn | Southwest Arizona Wedding Photography | 09.15.2012} This was a unique wedding experience for me. I don't normally offer 'short and sweet' wedding photography coverage packages but new that I'd be pushing my capacity (have i mentionend I'm 9 months pregnant?)  if i signed up for anything longer come September. :) Mike + Roni were emphatic about wanting me to cover their wedding day but had to get creative with budget. We whipped up a special little contract  for me to come do a few hours and it was great. I'm so glad I got to capture some of the little details; be part of the preliminary laughs and inside jokes; observe crazy hiccups that have to be grinned and giggled through. (Yay for bridesman losing his trousers 15 minutes before the ceremony!) Congrats Mike & Roni! Thank you for letting me be part of your wedding day! | lkm Roni actually did the cake herself! amazing wedding shoes :) pink & lime green details :) large and in charge... / really cool photo booth set up! studly ring bearers :) Happy one-month anniversary you two! :D