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i'm alive :)

My dear friends. Blog followers. Creepy stalkers whom i don't even know. I've been dormant for a while. Or so you might think from my blog activity these past couple months. (chuckle)...don't be deceived. This July I have blocked off the entire month to simply...be alive; recuperate from my intense month of June shooting in California. I actually get a birthday. Tomorrow I get to kiss my husband's face off--6 years worth. Woah. (Love that man.:) I am reorienting my family into a routine. My kids are loving me for it. Figuring out what normal is harder that it seems. Kindergarden starts in 2 weeks and i don't even WANT to go there right now. (double woah) and I have enough editing to last me till the fall (which it won't. because that' be rude and excruciating for my clients...*facepalm*...i just won't sleep. ever. that's all) I just wanted to say hi. hello. I blog to prove that i'm actually doing work. I blog also to tell the stories behind my pictures which are apparently a pretty cool thing and makes a whole mess of people want to continue looking at pretty pictures of strangers. Like it's an experience or something. I also blog so google analytics like me cuz, ya know, I kinda run a business. I also blog to give a peak into my life too. Sometimes even the gnitty gritty. Haven't done much of that recently. But i'm looking forward to more of that in the near future...though, currently it's trumped by twiterpated newlyweds and sparkly wedding days, handsome seniors,  and beautiful families. While I need to get back to editing, here are three of my most favorite faces in the whole world. they are my heart. my world. and possibly (very very likely) the cause for my plummeting blogging track record.  Alas, everybody and THEIR mommy remind me it's worth it. So I guess I'll keep em. ;) | night. | lkm

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Child's Play in Tucson | personal

 {Judah + Jordyn | Play Time | January 2012} I found a few pictures snagged while kids were playing outside a bit ago. Lately i've been enjoying these play times more. They're hilarious...they really like to play 'dead'...is that morbid? It's pretty entertaining regardless. they'll just fall down and then whisper vigorously--"pssst. moooom. i'm D E A D" - with great gutteral grunts and moans. :)...(do note that even buzz lightyear died)this whole conversation he had on the phone was hilarious. he was pissed. like royally. and he kept saying things in a nice even tone that got more and more stressed until he was yelling. he must have been dealing with credit card collectors or something.