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My dear friends. Blog followers. Creepy stalkers whom i don't even know. I've been dormant for a while. Or so you might think from my blog activity these past couple months. (chuckle)...don't be deceived. This July I have blocked off the entire month to alive; recuperate from my intense month of June shooting in California. I actually get a birthday. Tomorrow I get to kiss my husband's face off--6 years worth. Woah. (Love that man.:) I am reorienting my family into a routine. My kids are loving me for it. Figuring out what normal is harder that it seems. Kindergarden starts in 2 weeks and i don't even WANT to go there right now. (double woah) and I have enough editing to last me till the fall (which it won't. because that' be rude and excruciating for my clients...*facepalm*...i just won't sleep. ever. that's all) I just wanted to say hi. hello. I blog to prove that i'm actually doing work. I blog also to tell the stories behind my pictures which are apparently a pretty cool thing and makes a whole mess of people want to continue looking at pretty pictures of strangers. Like it's an experience or something. I also blog so google analytics like me cuz, ya know, I kinda run a business. I also blog to give a peak into my life too. Sometimes even the gnitty gritty. Haven't done much of that recently. But i'm looking forward to more of that in the near future...though, currently it's trumped by twiterpated newlyweds and sparkly wedding days, handsome seniors,  and beautiful families. While I need to get back to editing, here are three of my most favorite faces in the whole world. they are my heart. my world. and possibly (very very likely) the cause for my plummeting blogging track record.  Alas, everybody and THEIR mommy remind me it's worth it. So I guess I'll keep em. ;) | night. | lkm

p.s. if you want to keep up with my life and pictures in better 'real time' status, you can follow me on facebook: (1) BUSINESS: (2) PERSONAL: (3) INSTAGRAM: laurakmoorephotography (4) twitter: laurakmoore | see ya on the flip sideMonrovia_Family_Portrait_Photography_Laura-k-Moore_0004

Andrew + Sam | Tucson Desert Rain-Soaked Maternity Session

2013-03-13_0010{Tucson Maternity Session | Desert Rain | February 2013} 3 years ago my little family of 4 (at that time) lived together with Andrew & Sam. It was one of the best years ever. Doing life together; intentionally living 'in community' as we called it, was a glorious challenge that stretched us and drew us close and taught us much. We have braved some stormy weather together and apart these past 3 years, and just a couple weeks ago I had the absolute treat to shoot Andrew & Sam's maternity session. I'm pretty sure it was the coldest day of the year. Sam sure thought so. She had prepared for sunny skies and the notorious Tucson heat--of which, i reminded her, is actually seasonal and that we do, in fact, have SEASONS in the desert. weird, i know. but now you know. | So this is them. The Horvath family. They are and always will be so very dear to our hearts. This precious  little anticipated bundle of humanity will be joining us in just 2 months. Holy Moly. This is life everyone. There is life in there! (A little creepy. A lotta awesome.) Love you friends! | LKM 2013-03-13_0001 2013-03-13_0003 2013-03-13_00042013-03-13_0002 2013-03-13_0005 2013-03-13_0006 2013-03-13_0007 2013-03-13_0008 2013-03-13_0009 2013-03-13_0011 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0012 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0013 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0014 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0015 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0016 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0017SO SO SO excited for and eagerly waiting for you to join the ranks of parents equally as overwhelmed with the significance and intensity of our job! WOOT! Go team go. | lkm


Jason + Christine | Claremont Colleges, California | Maternity Session

 {Jason & Christine | Claremont Colleges, Claremont, Southern California | Maternity Session} Baby #1 is always an intense thing. I watch these soon-to-be parents look ahead at the unknown future, preparing for radical, exciting change. Because that's what kids do. They change you. They change the dynamic of "him and me" into "us."  Kids rock worlds. They humble hearts.  The calm before the storm is special and that's one of my favorite parts of capturing these maternity moments. It's a solid fist pump to an awesome prelude to an even MORE awesome chapter ahead. (sigh) and thats all i have to say about that. :) | Jason & Christine, thank you so much for letting me frolic about with you during the burst of color and fallen leaves at the Claremont Colleges. You guys were delightful. I hope these moments captured are sweet memories  of that precious prelude... | lkm

2013-02-26_0011 2013-02-26_0009 2013-02-26_0008 2013-02-26_0007 2013-02-26_0006 2013-02-26_0005 2013-02-26_0004 2013-02-26_00032013-02-26_0012 2013-02-26_0013 2013-02-26_0014 2013-02-26_0015 2013-02-26_0016 2013-02-26_0017 2013-02-26_0021 Claremont-Colleges-California-Maternity-Portraits-Pince_0023 Claremont-Colleges-California-Maternity-Portraits-Pince_0024 Claremont-Colleges-California-Maternity-Portraits-Pince_0025 2013-02-26_0020 Claremont-Colleges-California-Maternity-Portraits-Pince_0022 2013-02-26_0018 2013-02-26_0019

With great joy and excitement for you guys!


Welcome Jericho Brave-Aiden Moore! | personal

{My 3 kids on the first day that there were born | Judah 06.04.08 - Jordyn 12.29.09 - Jericho 09.26.12 } I've debated whether or not to share some of these special life/personal things on my photography blog and frankly, it boiled down to a technical issue--I don't know how to renew my personal blog's hosting service and have yet to 'sick' my husband on that 'honey do item' yet. So I'm left with a pretty significant life event with details and memories I'm eager to share with friends...and then I remind myself that I want my photography to be an extension of me--anti-canned, anti-script, anti-'salesy'. So i've talked myself into sharing some of this past week's amazingness--amazingly PERSONAL--and all it's details. Welcome to my heart. Welcome to my life where I am first a wife, then a mom and then a photographer. I am delighted to share life with you--both at the consult table, on location shooting and even the behind-the-scenes gnitty gritty of who I am.

If you are any one of the beautiful families or couples I've had the privilege of shooting this past year, you will have noted that I became progressively more pregnant this year. Funny how that works. February 14 I found out i was with-child with our 3rd. He was planned. Mostly. (grin) We were pumped. (Aside: and that emotion was a big deal to me. I might not have been pumped to be pregnant again, (not favorite) but i was pumped to get another kid. Motherhood has progressively made more sense the older Judah (4) and Jordyn (2) have become.) I was also thankful that my first official year shooting in Tucson (and return to photography after my year-long sabbatical) provided a lighter shooting load during this summer's wedding season. Come September 23rd, my self-declared maternity leave was well-needed.

Now, if you are interested in getting the gory details of the birth story, continue reading. Otherwise you can just skip to the end where i posted a few hospital (compliments of camera-phone) highlights and all you need to know is that my 3rd kid, 2nd son, was born on September 26, 2012 and 8:59pm weighing in at 5 lbs 3 oz. He is healthy, beautiful and has a name that took my husband and I all 9 months to finally agree on: Jericho Brave-Aiden Moore. I'm healthy, healing and happiest I've been in a very long time!

Long Version: Though due on October 10, my 38 week check-up showed that little sprout #3 wasn't thriving in the womb. He had stopped growing since my measurement at my 34 week check up. Nurse got concerned. Called Doctor. Doctor did a 30 minute intensive ultra-sound and assessed all sorts of measurements seeing what the cause could be. Couldn't confirm anything absolute, but still turned and asked, "How do you feel about having a baby tomorrow?" I whined a little about wanting to let my baby 'cook' a little longer. Reality was, the little tyke wasn't cooking -- whether it was the bun or the oven's fault, we didn't know. We induced the next day. My experience being induced was pretty cool. I got to pack my bags on time, set up babysitting for kiddos (thank you in-laws!), husband was able to adjust his work schedule prior, we grabbed Starbucks before we headed to the hospital and hunkered down into a sweet corner, 8-floor room that looked out over Downtown Tucson. We met nurses galore, got introduced to the team of UMC med students who would be getting up-close and personal with me throughout the day, and refreshed my really simple birth plan. (My birth plan went like this: "Get epideral in pronto. Strive to avoid c-section at all costs except for baby and mommy's health reasons. In that case, cut me open if need be. Thanks.") My first two kids were both delivered naturally...involuntarily. Nurses just didn't believe i was in enough pain. They wanted to 'wait' out the contractions until they were really 'unbearable' but then both kids ended up hitting transition and coming uber fast. I was determined (and even practiced) to have a more convincing 'pain' face this time around so that nurses would take me more seriously and get an epidural administered in a more timely fashion. I can show you a few of those facial expressions next time we meet actually. They're pretty awesome. Also, if you would like to see the funny little video Lawson took of my successful epidural administration, you can go here. I'm a huge fan.)

Checked in at 10am. Antibiotics at 1030. Epidural at 1130. Pitocin at 12pm. My body, EVER so slowly, got the hint and kicked into gear at 830pm and little Jericho was born 29 minutes later. Preliminary labor was essentially boring and painless. Nurses were shocked to see my epidural working so effectively AND that I still had use of my legs. It was kinda bizarre. But awesome. SUPER awesome. So awesome, in fact, I feel like singing about it still. I told the nurses that, if i could, I'd jump up off the bed and kiss all of them. Most emphatically my anesthesiologist, Doc Walston. M Y  H E R O. I still had to go through a horrific 10 minutes of legit delivery pain, pushing and crap. But I feel silly whining about that, all things considered.

I had to stay in the hospital for a few days to keep an eye on Jericho. He was OK for the most part. Needs to gain weight, a little jaundiced and had to work out some amniotic fluid that was left in his lungs after coming out so fast. It was 2 of the most glorious days ever. My recovery room had this fantastic view of the Catalina foothills. Hospital's chicken quesadillas and turkey sandwiches rocked my face off. I had a grip of friends and family trickle in through our stay but otherwise got some amazing alone-time to bond with Jericho and enjoy the solitude. My highlight, for sure, was watching my two oldest kids meet Jericho for the first time. I can't begin to describe the emotions that swell as they dote over their little brother. Judah is so concerned for him--especially when he cries. Jordyn can't stop asking to 'hold him mommy?' We are all just drinking in a deep sense of 'completeness' and it is overwhelming. Jericho may or may not be our last child, but he sure was 'missing.' God is so so good.

Here are a few pictures from this past week! Thank you for all the prayers, notes, emails, texts, joys and encouragement! My family and I are pretty darn blessed to have family, church, community, friends and this photography thing that has raked in some pretty bomb people into our lives! | lkm

My mom flew in that morning and drove straight to the hospital. I am SOOO glad she made it on time for Jericho's birth. God has been so gracious to let her be with me for each kid's entry into the world! Do note the fact that I am S M I L I N G while watching contractions. Have I mentioned I'm a fan of epidurals?

Alias and good ol' concentrated oxygen were our good companions throughout the day. Jericho's heart rate would drop periodically and a dose of O2 would wake him up a well as a bit o' repositioning. Apparently he did NOT like it when I was on my left side. We're thinking it was a pinched chord or something. Going on 10 hours of slow development. I'm just chillin--bonding with my sweet nurse Brooke. And then he came lightning fast into the world....lets just say 5lb deliveries are a whole lot easier than 8 lb - ers. :) The first morning at the hospital i was greeted with an awesome bouquet of flowers from my best friend, Christal, on the east coast. Flowers are an awesome way to wake up, I've decided. :) But an even BETTER way to spend a morning is with friends and family. I honestly didn't remember to whip out my camera for each visitor. Kinda bummed. Kinda OK with it. I'm sure we'll make up for it.  Your heart just grows bigger with each kid. My daughter's affection for Jericho has bled into her blossoming affection towards the rest of us...her transformation is probably one of my top favorite things in life right now.Our Little (?) Family :D | September 2012

[untitled] | personal

{ Judah & Jordyn | one radon day in april | Tucson, AZ | April 2012} I found a grip of family pictures in my abyss of 'personal pictures to edit later' stash. Lawson snagged these few while on a daddy-date with the kids a few months ago. The picture above of my daughter, Jordyn, makes me smile. This chick is SO girl--neither Lawson or I can  get over it. (note--she went through three outfits before being content with the below. destination? a walk around the block with dad. (roll of the eyes). Judah is equally all boy. And while sometimes the differences between both of my children can spark explosive results, they are in a pretty rad 'he's my favorite playmate' stage. Judah protects her. Jordyn streches him to be more daring. They squabble. They wrestle. They giggle their brains out. For all you moms of ONE out there--having TWO is SO much easier. So much more fun. :D I know. Weird. You can choke on your drink if you'd like thinking i'm crazy. But i'm not joking....It just MAKES sense to see them grow together. Learn together. Resolve fights together. Now THREE...(gulp) that might be another story. and in three+ months. my tune might just change a little...for now, i'm embracing all there is in a growing quiver. :) | lkm

DILKS Pt. 1 | Proudly Patriotic | Tucson Family Photographer

  {Dilks Family Portrait Session | June 2012 | Davis-Monthan Air Force Base | Tucson, AZ} Mariby found me online as she 'searched the snot' (slight paraphrase of how she described her photographer hunt) for a family portrait photographer. I had yet to shoot on base and was THRILLED to hear of her different ideas with red, white and blue and her desire to capture her little girl's 1st year. Both Mariby & Ken beam with pride to be an air force family! | lkm

Sotello Family | Tucson Baby Portraits

 {Baby Sotello | March 2012 | Tucson, AZ} Little bundles of humanity...babies are really mind-blowing for me. I just can't quite wrap my head around that this ball of helpless awesomeness will one day morph into a man or woman. The level of dependence, reliance, desperate need for training and intentional upbringing--it's overwhelming. And I'm already on #3 and STILL feel like I haven't fully grasped the full length and breadth of my role's significane as mom; a child-rearing, bottom-wiping, snot-swiping, laughter-loving, sleep-needing, patience-building parent. Amos & Dulce let me capture a bit of their little one's first stage and it was a treasure :) -- though, i will secretely admit that i take a meniachal level of deep satisfaction in watching newborn parents. I giggle to myself while I think, 'oh boy...they have only JUST begun...' Cheers to beginnings friends... | lkm

Amos + Dulce | Tucson Maternity Photographer | Agua Caliente Morning Mini Session | teaser

 {Amos + Dulce + Baby | Agua Caliente, Tucson, AZ | March 2012} Amos is a trainer at the gym I go to down the streets. When I heard he was going to be a new daddy I gave him a huge high five and then insisted he and his wife do a maternity session! (Motivated by my own regret in not being more intentional with maternity pictures for myself. I just simply did not FEEL pretty)... I am more recently sobered by how fleeting and special pregnancy can be and gently prod expecting couples to not forget about the belly memories!

Tomorrow I get to shoot their little boy's newborn pictures! He arrived safe and sound about a week ago. It's been a special treat to be invited into this special time for both Amos + Dulce. | lkm

LEO | Tucson Newborn Portraits

{Leo | Backyard Newborn Portriats | Tucson, AZ | December 2011} I don't do very many newborn sessions. Newborn photography is a whole amazing ball game on its own. Props to the pros and mommies who patiently wade through 3 hours of nursing, coddling, nuzzling, adjusting, stripping, dressing and working in a room 10 degrees warmer to assure that the babe feels most comfortable and stays asleep long enough to get the perfect perch of the head, curl of the toes, tuck of the legs and maybe even a lil' yawn while wearing that perfect hoodie to nail that amazing newbie portrait that'll grace the walls, wallets and wedding day slideshow in years to come. (breath) now, while you recover from that rediculously insane run-on sentence, I share with you a mini backyard session I had with a local Tucson family for their first grandbaby, LEO. It was a quick session. Minimal props. And while I focused on capturing little Leo most of all, I have to admit my favorite part was mom and dad's expressions--their wonder, curiosity, fascination, anxiety, fear?? (grin. i know that feeling!)--all of it. The newness, awkwardness, sheer, absolute, unabashed, die-hard love for their new addition--it's brilliant. Such a treasure to be welcomed into these moments. | lkm

Griffith Family | Tucson, Arizona | Family Portraits

{Grifftith Family Portriat Session  | Auga Caliente, Tucson, AZ | November 2011} This family is extra special to my heart. Derek, the dad, was one of the first guys at Second Mile to chase Lawson down and befriend. Jen, the mom, has rocked my world with her testimony. She was introduced to Jesus less than 4 years ago and it changed her life. She radiates a bazillion tons of joy and belief that makes my head swim and my heart intrigue. Even Lawson has said on numerous accounts, 'Laura, you should rub up again her. A lot'...(beat) uhm, he probably said it a bit differently. that just came out weird. But point made. We would rub up against the Griffiths every day if we could. It's true Griffiths. We are so excited about getting to know you guys better! (P.S. I've never had a client plaster their home with their session's pictures as fast and as die-hard thoroughly as Jen did. It's awesome! I mean--it'd be awesome even if it wasn't my work. I just love pictures. But the fact that i took them--so cool. So encouraging. In fact, I believe an MVP award might be due...)

Miley...gosh her little smile just makes me beam :)I had to warm Abby up a little. I warned her, 'So Abby, you will feel uber cheesy, silly -- but you gotta nose dive ok straight into this lil' project? So...i'm gonna say 'snap' and every time i do, you have to whip up a different pose, pop a hip, make a silly face...lets just play. It took 20 'snaps' and we landed some GREAT keepers :)sisters...guh. i love sister shots. yes owen was genuinely gnawing on Derek's nose. he's such a beast.