manhattan beach engagement session

Andrew + Jen | Big tree. Red Bike. Seaside Tackles. | Manhattan Beach Engagement Session

I grew up with Andrew. Him and his crazy antics and awesome laugh and free spirit--I was over the moon to meet his sweetheart who matched him (and then some) in the laughter department. Their engagement session spread out all over Los Angeles. We met first in Glendora at Big Tree Park. A place that was nostalgic for them--a frequent home of cuddles and sweet nothings. Then we ventured to Manhattan Beach where they put on their date night outfit and stepped even closer to each other. They walked along the boardwalk, danced on the pier, snuggled on life-guard stations, told stories, raced and tackled each other in the sands as the sun dipped behind the evening haze. 

I texted Andrew shortly after our session while going through images, "I think I am excited for your session for a really special reason. You guys progressively seemed to fall into each other as pictures took place. Posing gave away quickly to moments enjoying each other...and...and you look strong Andrew. You look strong and overjoyed and giddy all at the same time...and I watched as Jen leaned into that and let that happen." There is this real authenticity that I particularly love about this session... | LKM