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Hard Rock Riviera Playa | Cancun, Mexico Destination Wedding Photography


Tim & Jenna's Destination Wedding at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico was a bit other-worldly and rich with color and crazy. When we first got Jenna's inquiry a year prior to her wedding she described her vision to be defined by 3 things she cared most about: the people, the party, and the purpose. The whole year leading up to the wedding, i was most impressed with Jenna's intense attention to detail and desire to really make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible for everyone. She was ON TOP OF the details -- and the team she built to help with travel details and communication were ON PAR. Note: Travel Agent Ketti Menne from Paradise Weddings was highly regarded. In Jenna's words, "that chic orchestrated transcontinental flights for over 120 people! WHAT?!" Both Tim & Jenna were true hosts and their words of gratitude at their reception only further delivered that priority! 

Here are some sweet highlights from this couple's amazing destination wedding in Mexico. Opportunities to shoot love stories and destination weddings like this -- tropics and iguanas and week long escapades with the beech breeze at our backs and world famous cenotes in our backyards -- it was the stuff of dreams! We were honored to be trusted as the Wallace's storytellers! Enjoy!

P.S.  Be sure to catch and note the vendor list in case you are considering a destination wedding in Cancun. The idea of travel can be daunting but Jenna and Tim sure did hand pick a swell team of reliable peeps to deliver an epic party and experience. 


Wedding Venue: Hard Rock Riviera Maya- Arpa Terrace & Maya Ballroom // Wedding Coordinator: Liliana Perez Garcia (Works at HRRM Wedding Department) // Wedding Dress: La Bella Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: The Wedding Accessory Superstore // Flower Girl Dresses: Dillards // Groomsmen Outfits: Nick's Menswear // Hair Stylist:  Sothy Chau at Rumors Salon in Phoenix // Florist: Tulipania (HRRM Internal Vendor) // Musicians:  DJ Disco Movil (Ricardo de Pavia I) // Videographer: Katy Jo Caringer // Travel Agent- Ketti Menne from Paradise Weddings and Travel // Eyebrows: Ann Reed , Scottsdale, AZ // Airbrush Tan: Phoenix Glow // Officiant: Kevin Skinner with Aldea Spiritual Community // Cake Topper: Cake Topper Bliss

The first look was precious -- i mean his FACE when he saw her!!! -- and both had prepared a surprise gift for the other. (note the peanut gallery spying on them in the balcony above :D)

while the rest of the wedding party got ready, we had arranged enough time to just be alone with the couple and capture the diversity of Hard Rock's incredible property...first they OWNED that beach...

then we waited for the wedding party in the jungle in the heart of the resort

Wedding party meandered over and strut their stuff...

Family pictures were relaxed and pleasant -- the special attention to love one's closest to the bride and groom was appreciated. The Tim and his brothers and dad were able to nail an epic "album cover", parents were adequately honored and kissed and thanked for their crazy investment in the whole week, siblings were hugged, kids were relaxed and the prelude before the wedding began to build with excitement :)

Jenna whispered a request to have her parents captured before she and Tim stole away one last time before the ceremony began. 

and then the vows

and then the party

Real Life Feedback from bride and groom received several days post-wedding:

Laura and Lawson,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for us. To be honest, I was hoping to write this email to you yesterday, but I was still on such a wedding high that I didn’t want to open my computer…I just wanted to relish in that feeling and dream about it all day!

Photography is a big wedding expense, and I had to fight for that spend in the budget, but after last week, no one was questioning me anymore! My mom, dad, and Tim all pulled me aside to say how good they felt in your hands and how grateful they were that you were there. Not to mention, I was extremely relieved to have you at rehearsal dinner! At first, I didn’t quite recognize how much I needed you there, but then after I got to watch you in action for a bit, this feeling of “fewf” waved over me. Just having another person helping with the timeline, insisting that we run rehearsal once more, and being able to share ideas before the big day…those little things made such a big difference in my state of mine.

I can’t tell you how many people came up to me last week to tell me how great you and your husband were. Regular wedding guests were raving about how they caught both of you using all your toys and lighting devices to capture the best image, how you two seemed so passionate about the job, or how fun it was to watch you get really excited or worked up about a particular lighting or photo op. My videographer Katie was raving about your work and how much she learned from you to strangers in the bar. At one point, Lawson was bringing me water and holding my purse. Another person noticed him laying on the ballroom floor with our rings trying to capture a moment. My bridesmaids were laughing about all your quirky verbal directions and reminiscing about it the next day on the beach. Even participating in “red light, green light” with the kiddos was fun! What a beautiful idea to think that my wedding guests felt loved and important just by watching you do your job!

Then Timmy told me about your pep talk to him before we had our first look and it melted my heart. What other photographers give pep talks like that?! I told you that day that I was unusually relaxed and calm…which is a bit odd for me, especially since I have this inner “event planner” who doesn’t know when to let go sometimes. But that wasn’t the case on my wedding day. It was all so easy and smooth. “The bride should have no sense of time,” is what you told me over the phone. I would say we definitely accomplished that! I took out my phone once for a selfie with my husband, but other than that, I didn’t respond to any text messages, and instead just breathed in the memories. I can’t help but think you and Lawson had a lot to do with that.

You two went above and beyond the duties of photographer. I genuinely felt like I had families members not photographers with me on my special day, and I can’t thank you enough for being by my side for both the wedding and rehearsal dinner. You are truly an artist, and I can’t wait to share your creations!!!  Love, Jenna  (bride)

You just can't beat that kind of rock solid affirmation.... Tim & Jenna, It was an honor to be trusted with your wedding day!! BLESSINGS!!! | LKM


Wedding Venue: Hard Rock Riviera Maya- Arpa Terrace & Maya Ballroom // Wedding Coordinator: Liliana Perez Garcia (Works at HRRM Wedding Department) // Wedding Dress: La Bella Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: The Wedding Accessory Superstore // Flower Girl Dresses: Dillards // Groomsmen Outfits: Nick's Menswear // Hair Stylist:  Sothy Chau at Rumors Salon in Phoenix // Florist: Tulipania (HRRM Internal Vendor) // Musicians:  DJ Disco Movil (Ricardo de Pavia I) // Videographer: Katy Jo Caringer // Travel Agent- Ketti Menne from Paradise Weddings and Travel // Eyebrows: Ann Reed , Scottsdale, AZ // Airbrush Tan: Phoenix Glow // Officiant: Kevin Skinner with Aldea Spiritual Community // Cake Topper: Cake Topper Bliss // 

P.S. OOOO - one last note! Check out the baller highlight reel that the bride's friend, Katy Jo Caringer, put together of the whole escapade. Such a fun storytelling piece!! 

Balboa Inn Newport Beach California Wedding | Rainbow Ambrosia Dress + Birds of Paradise

Joshua & Joyce knew that wrangling family for their wedding was going to be tricky. So they hijacked an evening during their family reunion this summer and made sure it happened. The day was low key and casual with a few sprinkles that made it special. Her dress was handmade by a dear friend with dye-tipped ends and led lights sewn in to surprise guests as the sunset. Balboa Inn was the historical venue where all pre-gaming and prep happened. The gazebo across the street had been reserved and up until ceremony time, guests were welcome to lounge on the beach, enjoy barbecue and leisurely engage till vow time. Here are a few highlights from the day :) 

Seth + Joelle | A Pacific NorthWest Wedding Affair

Seth Weisser + Joelle Miller  // Astoria Oregon

The Weisser wedding was off the hook this summer. Oregon hosted LKM well. If you missed the OREGON feature in general about the whole Pacific Northwest Journey in June, Go Here. 


First there was this city of Astoria. A historical little city up on the northern coast of Oregon that sits so simply. 

Here is Seth + Joelle's wedding story as told by Joelle...

With a bridal party of nine it takes a very generous salon to provide space and Champaign for all- and we found the perfect one! Prep time was so fun. The first time in a week I let my mind forget about everything that needed to be done and just let it sink it that it was my wedding day. My wedding day!

After the beautification process, Seth and I finally got to see one another. It was actually Laura who convinced us of the benefits of a first look while discussing photography plans. THANK YOU! That time, those moments just between us on our wedding day are some of our favorite moments. We met on "our bridge". The bridge we had first found late at night on a rainy and cold walk before we were dating- I was so taken with it, and with Seth, and then he asked me to dance. Months after he asked me to be his girlfriend in the same spot, and later set up a beautiful proposal, and then we got to share our first moments together on our wedding day on that bridge as well!

The wedding party joined us after- pictures in the breezy, chilly air were so much fun. One of my favorite, favorite things of all the wedding details were how my bridesmaids looked. Curls, pearls, neutral colors, and darling shoes on all my best friends made me so happy! 

A growing most FAVORITE thing with couple's who choose to do a FIRST LOOK, is the amount of time you can have with family BEFORE the wedding. It is relaxed. People aren't waiting on you. The Weisser and Miller clan was an enormous group of people who were hilarious and spread out all over the country save weddings of siblings and friends they get to come to. So this picture time was precious. We hung out. We laughed. We was a great prelude to ceremony time...

The ceremony is almost a blur, but a beautiful one! Standing in front of most everyone you love and proclaiming your love for each other, and for the Lord, is a beautiful thing. We kept saying beforehand that we wanted people to know that we loved Jesus first, that he was the reason for us, and we had so many of our guests tell us just that. Such an answer to prayer! Our vows were a highlight. Honest words from our fragile hearts of just how much we love and want to serve the other, and serve with the other, for the rest of our lives. It was beautiful to hear and to share. I know keep those words in my bible and read them so often!

After the ceremony, Seth & Joelle took some time to be alone and take some pretty authentic lovely pictures up in the hills and suburbs of Astoria.

 The reception was a fantastic party! So many people came from all over the country to celebrate! 

We rode away on bicycles- in true Oregonian style! The bikes were ones that Seth had bought from second hand stores and restored himself. Riding away in clouds of sparkly confetti was like magic for me, but Seth recalls being pelted in the face with those confetti clouds and falling behind me on the ride. That cool air felt incredible!


Location: Astoria Event Center // MUAH: Salone Boheme // Bride's Dress: David's Bridal // Groomsmen Outfits: Express // Flowers: Costco

Astoria, Oregon | Weisser Wedding Teaser | Texture Tuesday

This is texture tuesday is a teaser. Tomorrow a wedding is gonna hit the blog and you're gonna see a few things.... you're gonna see some green. and then you are going to see some coastal fog. and then you are gonna feast your eyes on one big happy family of a wedding party in Astoria, Oregon. These few details are part of the 'setting' of their wedding day...moody, confident and full of life...see you tomorrow.



Doug + Brienne | Urban Color & Sea-Spray Sass | La Jolla Engagement Session | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Our afternoon was spent in a variety of obscure locations around San Diego. Doug & Brienne met and dated in this incredible city and wanted to tell their engagement story in its context. So there is green and there is city and there are small coffee shops with perfect views and cliffs and secluded shores with singing seals and sea-spray that glittered in the setting sun. There was laughing and twirling and snarky banter and sarcasm and arm-punches and lots of kissing and sunbeams in the middle of parking lots and chai and large over-sized trucks honking at the wardrobe changes made in the back of cars. 

I love these moments. I love the silly and the sweetness. I love that Doug & Brienne let go; relaxed, trusted, flirted, laughed and let the sun set on a pretty wonderful adventure of an afternoon. Only one of many, I. am. sure.  | LKM

Andrew + Jen | Big tree. Red Bike. Seaside Tackles. | Manhattan Beach Engagement Session

I grew up with Andrew. Him and his crazy antics and awesome laugh and free spirit--I was over the moon to meet his sweetheart who matched him (and then some) in the laughter department. Their engagement session spread out all over Los Angeles. We met first in Glendora at Big Tree Park. A place that was nostalgic for them--a frequent home of cuddles and sweet nothings. Then we ventured to Manhattan Beach where they put on their date night outfit and stepped even closer to each other. They walked along the boardwalk, danced on the pier, snuggled on life-guard stations, told stories, raced and tackled each other in the sands as the sun dipped behind the evening haze. 

I texted Andrew shortly after our session while going through images, "I think I am excited for your session for a really special reason. You guys progressively seemed to fall into each other as pictures took place. Posing gave away quickly to moments enjoying each other...and...and you look strong Andrew. You look strong and overjoyed and giddy all at the same time...and I watched as Jen leaned into that and let that happen." There is this real authenticity that I particularly love about this session... | LKM