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Backyard DIY Vintage Wedding | Pasadena, Wedding | PART THREE

Jeff & Abby // Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding


The day after Jeff & Abby's wedding day they called me. I know. I was as weirded out as you are right now. What are they doing calling me the day after their wedding? Im in big trouble. I just know it.  I picked up the phone tentatively, wincing, waiting....

"Laura, we're sitting here remembering yesterday's details. And we have come down to one thing. And we needed to talk to you about it."

I'm in SUCH BIG TROUBLE. (pause)

"Well, we've just decided that our most favorite thing about the whole day was taking pictures at sunset. It was perfect. We loved it. We would have had it no other way. We would have had no other person. You were perfect." 

Speechless. Perfect. Whelp. That's as good of a customer feedback as you can possibly get. Excuse me while i beam for 3 months afterwards. Carving out time to have pictures together on your wedding day can be a super beautiful thing. Whether it's before or after the just allows for THIS kind of beauty to happen...It was the finale--the beauty after the prep. The patient lull before the evening party. The time to defuse and be alone in the foothills with sunbeams, butterflies, evening gnats and an over-zealous media cohort was bliss. 

We returned to a victory tunnel and a whole mess of eager guests ready to eat, drink and be merry!

So thankful I got to be part of this amazing day! :) | LKM

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Oh! And one last SUPER important thing....SHOUT OUT to ShaunPaulCreative (videography team) for their cinematic artistry. You can go HERE to see the final wedding video from Jeffery & Abby's wedding day. I may or may not have watched in 100 times now. 

Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding | Pasadena, California | PART TWO

Jeff & Abby // Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding


They stood back-to-back, porch door between them. The moment he grabbed her hand it was that cinematic moment where the buzz hushed, giggles muffled, mom sniffed, flower girls peaks around the corner. They giggled. They were awkward. Abby fought back tears. Jeff couldn't stop smiling. It was one of my favorite moments of their day. And the way he prayed for his bride; surrendered their expectations and their party; honored and anticipated his beloved...Guests started to trickle in and there was a cranky ring-bearer in the room, something about somebody's hair wasn't done, a mason jar broke somewhere outside, the flurry picked up once more....but something had been diffused. All was right in the world.

Abby's laughter was the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony. Jeff literally fist-pumped his way through "you may kiss the bride." Afterwards, family meandered to the front yard to catch some formal pictures followed by a good chunk of time navigating the wedding party, their ravenous hunger, the beer in mason jars, cheese and crackers, reminiscing, much. bonding. 

And then the bride and groom pulled away for their sunset session in the foothills...

Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding | Denim, Burlap & Lace | Part One

Jeff & Abby // Backyard Vintage DIY Wedding   


Fresh spring air rose up over Pasadena's foothills. The private residence was quaint. Decorated with nostalgia, family heirlooms and frosted with more make-up and DIY favor remnants than we knew what to do with. Chickens clucked on the trampoline, tablecloths waved in the fresh morning breeze and the laughter of long-time friends sprinkled throughout last minute responsibilities, anticipation and the emotion of, "FINALLY." 

My highlights from the very beginning were the way her girls took care of her. They tended to details. Painted vases in their PJs. Put Abby first. And then there was the bride herself.  Abby's up-do was one of the most beautiful i've seen. Her one simple jewelry choice was this perfect blue stone on a gold chain. The denim jackets, the flower girls and their boots, the tosses of babies breath against these perfect bridesmaid dresses...

And then she put that dress on...and her girls were laughing and her mom was crying and all Abby could do was LAUGH. SO. HARD....

Meanwhile Jeff waited in the foothills with his merry men...

More from this Pasadena Backyard DIY Wedding tomorrow!

Jeff & Abby | Rainy Downtown Engagement Session | Pasadena, California Wedding Photography

{ Jeff & Abby | Rainy Downtown Engagement Session | Pasadena, California Wedding Photography}

Oh my stars. Butterflies are swarming in my tummy. The excitement for these two little love birds is incalculable. I've known Abby since she was a lil' tike. No joke. One of my oldest  family friends.  To see her grown and loved by a good, good man who is humble, tender, loyal, passionate and sincere--i just want to cry and thank Jesus for being so so very good. San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0087Check out that rain. Seriously, one of my coldest/rainiest shoots ever. So worth the miseery!! San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0086San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0080 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0081 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0082 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0083 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0084San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0088 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0089 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0090okay, so it was REALLY really cold. So we were trying to see if we could capture our breath...and they were laughing/shivering/snorting all sorts of wonderfulness.San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0101the black and white below is abby's favorite :) (and shhh, don't tell her, but i printed it on canvas and am surprising her for her wedding :D)San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0091did i mention we got wet? San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0092coffee shop subtleties San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0093we laughed SO much! San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0094we were struttin' around downtown pasadena and saw this hole-in-the-wall bookstore. I mean, it SMELLED like old books. It was fantastic...and we got uber cozy amongst its shelves. mmmmhm. San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0095these images (below) are some of my favorite. Jeff & Abby ADORE each other and are just so comfortable together... San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0096 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0097 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0098i love the moment below in black and white. the story and journey they've been on these past few years make the tenderness and trust a REALLY big deal San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0099 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0102 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0103oh how he loves her


19 days you guys!! can NOT wait to see you soon, shoot your Pasadena wedding. Laugh SO much and celebrate with you guys!! See you on the flipside baby! | lkm