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Jeff & Abby | Rainy Downtown Engagement Session | Pasadena, California Wedding Photography

{ Jeff & Abby | Rainy Downtown Engagement Session | Pasadena, California Wedding Photography}

Oh my stars. Butterflies are swarming in my tummy. The excitement for these two little love birds is incalculable. I've known Abby since she was a lil' tike. No joke. One of my oldest  family friends.  To see her grown and loved by a good, good man who is humble, tender, loyal, passionate and sincere--i just want to cry and thank Jesus for being so so very good. San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0087Check out that rain. Seriously, one of my coldest/rainiest shoots ever. So worth the miseery!! San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0086San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0080 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0081 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0082 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0083 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0084San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0088 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0089 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0090okay, so it was REALLY really cold. So we were trying to see if we could capture our breath...and they were laughing/shivering/snorting all sorts of wonderfulness.San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0101the black and white below is abby's favorite :) (and shhh, don't tell her, but i printed it on canvas and am surprising her for her wedding :D)San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0091did i mention we got wet? San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0092coffee shop subtleties San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0093we laughed SO much! San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0094we were struttin' around downtown pasadena and saw this hole-in-the-wall bookstore. I mean, it SMELLED like old books. It was fantastic...and we got uber cozy amongst its shelves. mmmmhm. San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0095these images (below) are some of my favorite. Jeff & Abby ADORE each other and are just so comfortable together... San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0096 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0097 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0098i love the moment below in black and white. the story and journey they've been on these past few years make the tenderness and trust a REALLY big deal San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0099 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0102 San-Diego-Wedding-Photography-Green-Gables-Estate-Groomsmen_BAER_0103oh how he loves her


19 days you guys!! can NOT wait to see you soon, shoot your Pasadena wedding. Laugh SO much and celebrate with you guys!! See you on the flipside baby! | lkm