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Tucson's Red Bird of Paradise | "Our Little Desert Peacock" | Arizona-Sonoran Wildlife | Texture Tuesday

As everything shrivels a little in the heat of desert's summer, this fancy plant is cheerful, resilient and so very stubborn. 

I really like these flowers. 

And to get a bit nerdy on y'all.... the Red Bird of Paradise is scientifically dubbed Caesalpinia pulcherrima and part of the pea family. It also goes by Pride of Barbados, Poinciana, Peacock Flower, Dwarf Poinciana, and Flamboyan-De-Jardin (translation: Flamboyant Garden).  

Red Bird of Paradise |  Tucson, AZ

Lantana Bush | "Wild Type Spanish Flag" | Sonoran Desert Plant | Texture Tuesday

ruth be told, one of my most recent desert textures is called "the wild type spanish flag." No joke. I figured it only appropriate...Lots of things happened for Spain last week...(and it's not just Chile's fault.) 

This bush is right outside our apartment. The sun sets behind it perfectly. Almost every evening I'm out near it, smelling the its rich, thick honey waft while kids ride their bikes in the courtyard.

My condolences Spain...here is a hug. a historical salute. a solid handshake. a bouquet of wild spanish flags and a solid dose of honey air. If I knew how to send you a gift, i'd send someone important and symbolic a gift...a fine art canvas large and glowing like a bouquet of remembrance and transition. | LKM 

"Honey Air" by LKM  | Lantana Bush | "Wild Type Spanish Flag" | Sonoran Desert Plant | 16 x 20 Giclee Canvas Print: $150

"Honey Air" by LKM | Lantana Bush | "Wild Type Spanish Flag" | Sonoran Desert Plant | 16 x 20 Giclee Canvas Print: $150

Texture Tuesday | Blossoms Out of Nowhere!

 {Random plant that sprouted vibrant orange blossoms | evening walk with kids | tucson, AZ | April 2012} I didn't even THINK this plant did anything cool. I mean it's got cute little round leaves and stuff. But otherwise its dry, straight and prickly. However, come April, right down the street where the kids and I periodically walk in the evenings--this plant  strut its feathers.  I have LOVED this past month in TUCSON. Colors are coming out of plants I had passed off as ugly brown, prickly, purposeless plants...(grin) I feel a poignant life-lesson-parallel coming on... | lkm