Tucson's "Speedtano" Starbucks Celebrates 1 year! | Coffee Giveaway!

1 year ago today I was shooting this fun community event on east side Tucson, Arizona. One of my dear friends opened this brand spankin' new storefront and the people who flocked to support came from all corners of the city. Starbucks fans, non-fans and then some. Kids were stoked. Drinks were gifted. Barista's joked and customers laughed. Lines were out the door. Balloons hailed. Intersection honked. And the foothills glowed as the sun set on the festivities! Here are a few highlights! Happy birthday SPEEDTANO! :) If you're local, stop by! Intersection of Pantando/Speedway

To CELEBRATE,  LKM is giving away 3 Starbucks Gift Cards!

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(winner announced on Monday)

Wyatt + Hilary | Red Mugs & Desert Wash Coffee Dates | Lifestyle Engagement Session

Wyatt + Hilary are planning their wedding from Sacramento. Knowing that they only had a few trips to cram a whole lot of strategic wedding development in, we snagged some time over the holidays to meet for coffee and hang out in the desert. I was told Wyatt doesn't like pictures. And my response was, "whelp good thing he doesn't have to. he just has to love you and i'll be there for it..."

So we met on a chilly winter morning. Stopped for coffee and then found a wash where the sun was just barely beginning to kiss the dew...

Here are a few favorite moments with these two...

Tucson's Red Bird of Paradise | "Our Little Desert Peacock" | Arizona-Sonoran Wildlife | Texture Tuesday

As everything shrivels a little in the heat of desert's summer, this fancy plant is cheerful, resilient and so very stubborn. 

I really like these flowers. 

And to get a bit nerdy on y'all.... the Red Bird of Paradise is scientifically dubbed Caesalpinia pulcherrima and part of the pea family. It also goes by Pride of Barbados, Poinciana, Peacock Flower, Dwarf Poinciana, and Flamboyan-De-Jardin (translation: Flamboyant Garden).  

Red Bird of Paradise |  Tucson, AZ