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Woodsy meets Urban // Engagement Session on Mt. Lemon | Tucson Wedding Photographer

When woodsy meets urban you get PJ & Mariah's sweet and spicy engagement session on Tucon's Mt. Lemmon. We met a very cold winter morning and navigated sunbeam-glazed pine trees and long green reeds and goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach. And we laughed and played and showed off their ink and the way he dipped her and they was she liked it... so much love. :) enjoy some highlights AND check in tomorrow to see their WEDDING STORY highlights! 

Mark + Leanna | Arizona Urban Flare & Railroad Fun | Engagement Session

{Mark + Leanna | Engagement Session |  E Downtown Tucson, Arizona | August 2012 } Mark &  Leanna were a treat to shoot! The sun was great, the weather was perfect and the more we laughed the more 'at ease' the lovebirds became. If I'm not mistaken, Mark got increasingly giddy as he smooched and loved on his future bride. I think one of my most favorite things is whatching a couple just fall into place. Taking pictures isn't easy. Posing can be awkward. Kissing on command sometimes feels weird. But by the end of M+L's session Leanna was blushing, Mark was beaming and I just glowed with deep satisfaction. Not to mention, I got home from the shoot and promptly sat down with my husband to show him a few favorites. To which he replied, "Sheesh. He's beautiful!" I think he has a man crush. Weird... In my opinion, I can't get over Leanna's baby blues. Or are they green? I'm so conflicted. :D | lkm

Thank you so much for hangin' out Mark & Leanna. I hope you had as much fun as I did! :) | lkm