Tucson Engagement Session

Tim + Jenna | Deserty Lovin' and a Fiesty Dancer | Tanque Verde Guest Ranch Engagement Session


Tim & Jenna were from Tucson but lived in Phoenix and were getting married in Cancun. They had seen some of our wedding pictures styled by Margarita Potts via her instagram feed with her team at I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry and reached out for prices and a quote for the whole shibang: storytelling in Tucson and following them to Cancun.....we coulnd't say "yes please" fast enough. :) 

Jenna cared most about being natural, clean light, real emotion and bright colors. She liked light and liked wine and she knew how to strut some heals like a gazelle across the jagged rocks of the Sonoran desert (hats off lady). Tim...well, he was skeptical. An email following the session read, "Tim just told me...wow! that was actually kind of fun and way better than i expected." (*laughing*... #nailed it. I'll go for "kinda fun" from any tough cookie who'd rather be chill than posed or passed off as a schmuck. I get you sir. I don't want you lookin' schmuckly either.) 

So they drove to Tucson, grabbed a room at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch and I met them there to talk wedding details, frolick about in the desert, drink some wine, navigate a few sweetheart moments, get them comfortable with my style -- expressing their affection-- (not difficult) and got to know each other. Here are a few highlights! :)

(P.S. we are sharing highlights from their destination wedding in Cancun tomorrow on the blog! Stop back by!)

Jeff & Laura | A German Flight Attendant + Military World Traveler | Tucson Engagement Session


{Tucson Earthy Engagement Session | Jeff & Laura | March 2013}

Jeff & Laura have a love story straight out of a chick flick. No joke. She's a German flight attendent who flies all over the world and Jeff is in the military, they met in the air, on a plane, thousands of feet above the earth. See what I mean? Doesn't it just make you wanna break out in song?! Or send their story to Hollywood or something?! Laura first contacted me on facebook as she prepared to come visit Jeff from Germany for a few weeks in February. By the hair of our chinny chin chin we found a date that worked, planned a shoot and hooked her up with soft, sweet, natural styling by my bomb stylist Dana Buchanan. | My time with Jeff & Laura was a royal picnic. I'd hang out with them just for fun any day. I underestimate how goofy and easy going Jeff would be--oh! and their heart-warming affection for each other is  pure gold. (sigh) Oh friends, I hope these pictures are a treat to smile over for years to come. :) Joy, LKM

Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0033yea yea yea. i realize that the frame thing is SO yesterday's pinterest fad...but whatever. they rocked it. Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0034 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0035 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0036 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0037 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0038Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0032 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0039 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0040 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0042Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0041 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0043 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0044 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0045 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0046 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0047 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0048 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0049 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0050 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0051 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0052 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0054 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0055 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0056 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0057 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0058

Harry + Hilary | A (RAINY) Tucson Desert Engagement Session | Saguaro National Park

Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-2{Harry & Hilary | Dessert Engagement Session | Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ | Laura K Moore Wedding Photography} Harry & Hilary made me beam for a solid 2 hours. Granted, this was the wettest engagement session I have ever shot. BUT, I'm pretty sure it ranks up there with a favorite. From the backdrop they chose (saguaro national park) and the special little personal nuances they brought along with them...I'm pretty sure we nailed something special! Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-22 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-15 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-14 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-13 tucson wedding photographerthey ride bikes in this park ALL the time...Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-16notice Harry on the right below? yea, that's him attempting to be serious...attempting.. Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-17notice the rain?? :D did i mention we got wet?? Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-9 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-24i love this one... Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-5and this one... i LOVE that point of complete abandonment. when i can step aside and a couple trusts enough and is comfortable enough...to just love each other. Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-6harry & hilary tucson engagement session Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-21they laugh ALL. the. time.Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-4 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-20 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-3 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-11 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-12 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-10 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-25 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-7 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-18 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-23 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-19 Tucson-Engagement-Session-Saguaro-national-park-dessert-photography-8 Oh Harry & Hilary, you two were definitely a highlight for my weekend!  I hope you enjoy these moments captured as much as I have! | lkm

Amir + Maribel | Tucson Engagement Session | Wedding Photographer

 { Amir + Maribel | Tucson Engagement Session } These two have been a treat to shoot this past season in Tucson. We met at a bridal expo last April and since then, we've shot a 3-part engagement series that has me tickled pink to share!  My favorite thing about these two....how gentle and poised both of them are; so 'put-together'...refined...a constant sense of 'class' sorta oozes from both of them. And yet they hired me for their wedding because, (i quote) 'we had so much fun and need someone to bring out our fun side'. yes, ma'am! | lkm (note: this is one LARGE chunk of awesomeness for a single blog post. but i refuse to break it up into "sections"... :D i like the fact that they progressively got more and more comfortable each time we went out for a shoot, played, laughed, kissed....kissed some more... these two just 'fit' together :D){ Downtown - pt 1 }{Downtown - pt 2}Can't wait for wedding time Amir & Maribel! 10xs more awesomeness awaits us! :D | lkm

Mark + Leanna | Arizona Urban Flare & Railroad Fun | Engagement Session

{Mark + Leanna | Engagement Session |  E Downtown Tucson, Arizona | August 2012 } Mark &  Leanna were a treat to shoot! The sun was great, the weather was perfect and the more we laughed the more 'at ease' the lovebirds became. If I'm not mistaken, Mark got increasingly giddy as he smooched and loved on his future bride. I think one of my most favorite things is whatching a couple just fall into place. Taking pictures isn't easy. Posing can be awkward. Kissing on command sometimes feels weird. But by the end of M+L's session Leanna was blushing, Mark was beaming and I just glowed with deep satisfaction. Not to mention, I got home from the shoot and promptly sat down with my husband to show him a few favorites. To which he replied, "Sheesh. He's beautiful!" I think he has a man crush. Weird... In my opinion, I can't get over Leanna's baby blues. Or are they green? I'm so conflicted. :D | lkm

Thank you so much for hangin' out Mark & Leanna. I hope you had as much fun as I did! :) | lkm


Tyler + Megan | Tucson Engagement Session | Pt. 1 - "Favorite Date Spot"

 {Tyler + Megan | Engagement Session | North Tucson | April 2012} There is something super sweet about leaving an engagement session overjoyed for the couple you just shot. I watched eyeballs light up and laughter dance even over the silly things and left Tyler + Megan's session with a HUGE smile on my face. AND--that's EVEN after my phone fell out of my camera bag and shattered its screen in the parking lot seconds before I met up with the couple--a fantastic way to glaze over that travesty! Here are a few highlights from our time together - PART ONE. (Stay tuned for PART TWO later this week :D)they really got into their dancing... (song playing softly in my head "when a man loves a woman...") Tyler's top favorite food is Pizza. And this particular parlor is one of their favorites.  these stairs were SO cool.  :Done of my absolute favorite collections of images... :) "tyler can you just grab that woman and embrace her please."...yes, thank you. check out her eyes!!  PART TWO coming soon... :D