Tyler Labelle

Tyler + Megan | Tucson Engagement Session | Pt.2 - "Romance in a Desert Wash"

 {Tyler + Megan | Engagement Session | North Tucson | April 2012} After we hit up T + M's favorite date spot (See Part One), we sauntered over to the nearby wash (a common landmark in Tucson). I wasn't sure what to expect. As a photographer stationed in the desert (grin) I'm still workin' on my collection of locations and backdrops to shoot in...I'll have to write more about the changing and challenging scenery later. While Megan was anticipating a couple romantic hugs on the bridge I suggested we jump down INTO the wash (which was an impressive feat for a client in a sassy dress, a pregnant photographer and a grip of camera gear). But we did it and I was so glad we did! The sun was setting and provided a soft glow as a few tall, assuming weeds played off the neutral tones of the lovebird's wardrobe. I was eyeballing the sunbeams streaking through the bridge pillars knowing that that was where i'd wrap up the shoot...

Tyler + Megan are getting married in Alburquerque, New Mexico next month. I am SO excited for them to start this new chapter...AND finally get to live in the same city. They've been doing long distance for the past few months and my heart goes out to them. While distance is a pretty 'safe' way to do the engagement period, it's gut-wrenching. Been there. Done that. Thank you so much for letting me be part of these memories T + M. I hope this last month of preparing for the celebration and the rest of your lives ROCKS and is full of great, great amazing joy! | lkm

Tyler + Megan | Tucson Engagement Session | Pt. 1 - "Favorite Date Spot"

 {Tyler + Megan | Engagement Session | North Tucson | April 2012} There is something super sweet about leaving an engagement session overjoyed for the couple you just shot. I watched eyeballs light up and laughter dance even over the silly things and left Tyler + Megan's session with a HUGE smile on my face. AND--that's EVEN after my phone fell out of my camera bag and shattered its screen in the parking lot seconds before I met up with the couple--a fantastic way to glaze over that travesty! Here are a few highlights from our time together - PART ONE. (Stay tuned for PART TWO later this week :D)they really got into their dancing... (song playing softly in my head "when a man loves a woman...") Tyler's top favorite food is Pizza. And this particular parlor is one of their favorites.  these stairs were SO cool.  :Done of my absolute favorite collections of images... :) "tyler can you just grab that woman and embrace her please."...yes, thank you. check out her eyes!!  PART TWO coming soon... :D