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Tiggas Family | Holiday Mini Session | Tucson, Arizona

I met Kandice as a fellow kindergarden mom last year. Over the year, from a distance, I have enjoyed watching the way both she and Matt clearly tag-teamed with the them together. work together. I love that this session captured a little bit of the tag-teaming as well as #madduxmax's awesome giggles, Micah's nurturing big-brother heart, Capri's fantastic free spirit...and even some sweet kisses between mom and dad. What a sweet, intense season of young life!

oh! And since I just received Kandice's ever-so-thoughftul review a few days ago, here are a few of their thoughts from the session! 

What were key moments that stood out to you during your session / wedding day?: Getting kids to smile for an hour long session isn't easy, and LKM was not only able to get their full attention but she managed to capture their TRUE smiles and their real moments.

What were your highlights about working with LKM?: Throughout the session there was never a moment that felt awkward. Sometimes the camera seems intimidating but LKM made us feel comfortable and she knew what to say to us to get the perfect smile, giggle or big laugh. I loved that she encouraged the kids to just be kids, by playing games and letting them explore with no restrictions, you were there to capture whatever they were going to throw at you!

What would you tell a future client interested in hiring LKM?: If you are looking to capture your real life moments, put your best suit on and let Laura take care of the rest! 

Thank you so much Tiggas Family! Here are a few of their mini session highlights...


Matt + Marcy | Alice In Wonderland Inspired Engagement Session | Agua Caliente, Tucson, Arizona

{Matt + Marcy | Engagement Session | Agua Caliente, Tucson, Arizona | July 2012}

I showed up to M + M's e-session striving hard to take myself seriously. I was climbing (awkwardly of course-pregnant) out of a borrowed single cab pick up truck that was decked out in NFL Broncos everything AND I had those child's play sticky tattoos plastered over my right arm, ankles and wrist. I didn't regret the play time I had had with my kids just before the shoot, though it might have helped me feel more pro if i had scrubbed them a little and gotten over the fact that my license plate screamed 'TEEEBOW". Sharing these superflous details DO have a point by the way. Turns out Marcy actually WORKS at a graphic design lab FOR the very company of tattoos I had just divulged in with my kids that afternoon. I could have hugged her. It was free entertainment for a solid 2 hours that day. Ahmazing bliss. I didn't hug Marcy but she got a kick outta the fact that my arm tattoo of a bear was one that she had particularly designed herself. Ironic yea? ... Matt & Marcy are shooting for a garden-esque/earthy-meets-whimsy/a-little-dash-of-alice-in-wonderland theme for their wedding next April. I loved that they both showed up to their e-session aware of those details and fully prepared to walk around for an hour in large-and-in-charge shoes no matter what the cost. Vanity before comfort right?! Matt said he 'was looking for a wedding photographer who can help him feel comfortable.' What a fantastic challenge. :D  I did my best... They really seemed to have a lot of fun together!  Love these two.

Thank you guys for letting me hang out with you for an evening!

Amos + Dulce | Tucson Maternity Photographer | Agua Caliente Morning Mini Session | teaser

 {Amos + Dulce + Baby | Agua Caliente, Tucson, AZ | March 2012} Amos is a trainer at the gym I go to down the streets. When I heard he was going to be a new daddy I gave him a huge high five and then insisted he and his wife do a maternity session! (Motivated by my own regret in not being more intentional with maternity pictures for myself. I just simply did not FEEL pretty)... I am more recently sobered by how fleeting and special pregnancy can be and gently prod expecting couples to not forget about the belly memories!

Tomorrow I get to shoot their little boy's newborn pictures! He arrived safe and sound about a week ago. It's been a special treat to be invited into this special time for both Amos + Dulce. | lkm