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Featured on Arizona Bride Magazine!! :D


Earlier this week i shared a facebook status that talked about good news in the photography department. good enough to make me burst into tears. and it’s friday and i can share now. but i want to explain why it means a lot. cuz some of you might be underwhelmed and think i’m silly. which is fine, but it was a big deal to me. 

9 months ago i started trying to submit work to different publications. both online wedding sites (the knot, green wedding shoes, ruffled, wedding chics, style me pretty, grey likes weddings…) and nothing. i got no replies. i take it reply was a rejection. and i get it. It’s part of the way things work. hours were spent culling, submitting files in the variety of different ways that different blogs requested, writing reviews, gathering the details to present each wedding and session that was submitted as best as possible… hours were spent… and nothing.

(not to mention…with each submission, you can’t just blast that submission to multiple sources. publications want to have exclusive feature privileges so i would have to submit my best of the best to one selected magazine than wait for a month or two and then hope that the next submission would pick it up before the submission was outdated or out of season…)

so i stopped. discouraged. acquiescing to the reality that my capacity is only what it can be right now. i was ok. the worst was not hearing. even worse than a rejection. rejections could be constructive. helping me learn what to shoot. what publications don’t want. how to shoot in a way that tells a story with people but also captures the details and nuances that publications are hunting for… but nothing. for a long time.

and then a random email sent at midnight to a publication got a reply within minutes. not just a reply, but they wanted my session featured and they wanted to have it moved up the calendar and instead of waiting 3 months to have a slot scheduled, they gave me this friday. TODAY.

So, friends, folks. I present to you my very first feature. And by non other than, Arizona Bride Magazine. If you want to increase traffic and analytics, check out the feature and leave a comment. You guys--you friends, family, fans who are reading this--you and your support with Laura K. Moore Photography is the lifeblood. Thank you. So much.

GO HERE FOR THE FEATURE:…/glowing-autumn-engagement-sess…


Melo Family | Lifestyle Mini Sessions | Riverside, CA

Last May I pushed the 'play again' button my fitness journey. (see the "LKM beast mode journal" here) and it was initially because of this lady featured below with her family. Cindy started her own journey a few months prior and committed it to the public eye. She instagrammed the snot out of sweat. (-grin- there should be a t-shirt for that) I was curious to see what would stick. How long before she slacked... but she didn't. And it was encouraging to me. Convicting actually. I called her up and asked her about T25 and the rest is history. Over the summer we kept in touch, she snagged a mini session this last California visit and I beamed when I saw her...thriving and healthy with her little pod in Riverside. I am honored to capture a piece of this season in their lives. | LKM

(and if you are looking for a coach or just a dose of motivation...go connect with her here. she's wonderful at all that :D)

Tiggas Family | Holiday Mini Session | Tucson, Arizona

I met Kandice as a fellow kindergarden mom last year. Over the year, from a distance, I have enjoyed watching the way both she and Matt clearly tag-teamed with the them together. work together. I love that this session captured a little bit of the tag-teaming as well as #madduxmax's awesome giggles, Micah's nurturing big-brother heart, Capri's fantastic free spirit...and even some sweet kisses between mom and dad. What a sweet, intense season of young life!

oh! And since I just received Kandice's ever-so-thoughftul review a few days ago, here are a few of their thoughts from the session! 

What were key moments that stood out to you during your session / wedding day?: Getting kids to smile for an hour long session isn't easy, and LKM was not only able to get their full attention but she managed to capture their TRUE smiles and their real moments.

What were your highlights about working with LKM?: Throughout the session there was never a moment that felt awkward. Sometimes the camera seems intimidating but LKM made us feel comfortable and she knew what to say to us to get the perfect smile, giggle or big laugh. I loved that she encouraged the kids to just be kids, by playing games and letting them explore with no restrictions, you were there to capture whatever they were going to throw at you!

What would you tell a future client interested in hiring LKM?: If you are looking to capture your real life moments, put your best suit on and let Laura take care of the rest! 

Thank you so much Tiggas Family! Here are a few of their mini session highlights...