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Jeff + Emily | Celebrity Wedding Teaser | Arizona Wedding Photographer

This weekend we had the honor of shooting Jeff & Emily (Weprich) Campanella's wedding at SaddleBrook Country Club in the Catalina Foothills of Northwest Tucson. Before we head off to this weekend's San Diego wedding, we wanted share a few sneak peaks of Emily's pre-wedding bridal portraits. You might recognize her from the celebrity engagement feature a few weeks ago or from the post earlier this summer honoring her father. Having shared a few slivers of storytelling in this family's life this past year made this wedding more meaningful. And being part of Emily's first deep breaths as a bride -- the moment she put on that incredible dress, loved her mom fiercely, laughed with her ladies--her resilient cheerfulness, grace and concern for others was radiant. More coming soon! (see note to all guests/friends/family below)

If you were a guest or are a friend or are a family member, go HERE to register and be kept apprised when all wedding pictures are released! 

Austin + Corrie | Lifestyle Engagement Session: "Adventure Meets Goofy" | Mt. Lemon, AZ

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” 
― Jim Bishop

"Our session was not only the most fun I have ever had taking pictures, but it was extremely comfortable and care free and I felt like the essence of Austin and I really go to be conveyed through the pictures!" ~ Corrie, Bride

Austin + Corrie made mention that they were goofy and adventurous. They wanted those things really captured. Mt. Lemon was where Austin proposed earlier this summer and they were keen on getting some of the mountain details and active bike nuances and sillyness in between. 

When we arrived near the top of the mountain are jaws dropped. We had no idea the leaves would be on fire and FALL would have already arrived. The couple were so giddy and eager to just love and be loved and be free... this session really was like a breath of fresh, lively air. 

So excited to be a part of this journey with you guys! Thank you for trusting me with such precious memories! | LKM

Bryce + Caroline | El Chorro, Scottsdale, AZ Wedding | Inspiration: Glamour, Peach & Mint

At the fiesta reunion the night before the their wedding, friends and family began to trickle in from all over the country, pre-game and celebrate Bryce and Caroline. A year prior at our initial consult, Caroline and her Mom knew that it was the people at her wedding that would be her most favorite part. Mine too. 

The word dovetail means "to join or fit together compactly or harmoniously." That one word describes this wedding. This family has branches and life-long friends and stories and connections that reach for generations and through a whole lot of experiences. I'll keep words to a minimum for this wedding story. 


Prep Location: Scottsdale Plaza Resort // Hair Stylist: Candace Dunn of Spa Lamar  // MakeUp Artist: Meleah Roadarmel // Bride's Dress: Destinys Bride // Bride's Accessories: Last Chance Phoenix  // Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom Scottsdale // Flower Girl Dress: Target // Bridesmaids Gifts: Tucson Gem Show // Groomsmen's Engraved Pocket Knives: Things Remembered // Groomsmen Tuxes: Mr. Formal AZ // Ceremony Location: El Chorro // Caterer: El Chorro // Cake: Ruze Cake House // Florist: Butterfly Petals // Reception Entertainment: "Best Band in Phoenix" The Hamptons Band 

While the girls had a blast getting ready and sharing memories, the boys relaxed, took things slow, started off with some football and gift-giving.

Both parties made their way to El Chorro where Bryce + Caroline had a super sweet first look. The way she could TELL she felt gorgeous. And the way he watched her...she absolutely was. 

A friend of the family loaned their restored fire-engine red, super sexy thunderbird...

The day was warm and El Chorro has a variety of locations both indoors and outdoors to keep the wedding party comfortable. The girls grabbed a few glasses of champagne and toasted to freedom and friendship. While the guys watched soccer...

We made our way out to the front of the beautiful property to snag some memorable wedding party formal pictures :) These can typically be boring. standard. ho hum. can get a party of friends like this willing to laugh and dance a little...

Finding reprieve in the bridal room, the wedding party waited for the ceremony to begin while guests trickled in...

Favorite moment of the ceremony was the way they looked at eachother coming back down aisle. married. happy. excited...

While guests enjoyed a classy, cheerful cocktail hour, the newlyweds took a little skip around the venue as sunbeams burst through palo verde trees and desert brush.

During cocktail hour people just laughed and reunited. There was a real atmosphere of "we are all family here"... 

Once the guests were let into the reception hall, people immediately gushed over the centerpieces. The bride's mom, Diane, had spent the last several month designing these jeweled potted succulent arrangements. Real life. Well-watered. Multi-colored textures and sparkly sand...they were incredible and so unique.

Thank you for trusting your wedding day and these precious memories with me to me and my team!

Post Edit: From the bride.... When we were hunting for a photographer we were looking for somebody who was fun, nice and captured amazing photos. LKM's customer service was excellent! I could not have found a nicer person to work with! She was fun and easy to work with l. She was willing to travel to Scottsdale and the pictures turned out amazing! Everything! Everything looks beautiful, detail oriented and really captured our day perfectly! There were no low points! It was all perfect. I will always refer Laura! Hands down, best photographer ever! 

Curtis & Jenna | Stillwell House | Tucson Wedding Photography

Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Lodge-in-Desert-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-3{Curtis & Jenna | Stillwell House , Tucson AZ | August 2012} Curtis & Jenna's  wedding day was full of joy and fresh, simple beautiful friendship frosted with super sweet anticipation. I loved being there. I loved laughing with you girls; i loved waiting for those moments when Curtis would sneak the HUGEST grin; I loved the details. and the food. and the music. friends dancing with friends. the ice cream sandwiches. the sheer weight of commitment and faithfulness and perspective. Curtis & Jenna, hearing you guys tell story and watching you two shift gears and serve alongside each other this last year of marriage has been pretty awesome too! | HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! | LKM

P.S. If you didn't see Curtis & Jenna's engagement session from last summer, their cuteness is worth revisiting HERE. :D

Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0033 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0035Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0034 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0036Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Lodge-in-Desert-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-5Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0039Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0037 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0040 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0041 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0042 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0043 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0044 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0045 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0046 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0047 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0048 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0049the many faces of Jenna :DDownton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0050 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0054 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0055 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0056 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0057 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0058 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0059 Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0060 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-19aTucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-25Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-22 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-23 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-24Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-21Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-28Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-27Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-24a Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-29Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-20 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-30Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0051Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0052Downton-Tucson-Stillwell-House-Arizona-Wedding-Photography_0053Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-52Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-58 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-59and this last, final image is probably one of my top very favorite images ever taken at a wedding. knowing their story. knowing his love for dancing (grin). knowing her gentle's just one of my favorites. and i found out a few months ago...that it's CURTIS' #1 favorite too! same page.  :)Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Stillwell-House-Downtown-Bridal-Party-Laura-K-Moore-50

Arizona Wedding Photography | Catalina Foothills Private Estate | Inspiration: Hippies, Biceps and Burlap | Part Two

Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0038{Arizona Wedding Photography | Catalina Foothills Private Estate | Inspiration: Hippies, Biceps and Burlap | Part Two } If you didn't catch Part One go HEREBrent & Erica's wedding continued on. Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0061 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0062 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0064 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0063 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0065 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0052 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0049 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0048 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0047 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0046Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0060Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0068Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0054Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0050Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0053okay.... i asked Erica to just run into Brent's arms like she did when she saw him the very first time. And unfortunately i didn't catch it, but she totally jumped nearly over him. He barely caught her and this is them laughing so hard about it...

Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0058but then we did finally nail it...Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0044Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0045 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0041 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0042 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0040 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0039Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0057 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0043and then this pretty little girl came to give them a few gifts...Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0059something about an inside joke and using random pieces of nature to mean something special....they just giggled a bit about it. i took pictures. and i'll never know the rest of the story. Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0055and then it was cake time :)Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0071i love succulents. I'm convinced God had fun when he was making the whole breed of succulents. they are hardy. unique. and beautiful when displayed appropriately Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0072Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0073spun around to catch this little tike enjoying his first lime...:)Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0069 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0070 the wedding was at this awesome private estate that used to be a "Bed-N-Breakfast" in the Catalina Foothills. They kept things casual and low key by having the dance party in the drive way...Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0074Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0078 Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0075

love this last one. it's just an amazing picture of surrender...:)Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Catlina-Foothills-Laura-K-Moore_0076Thank you so much for letting me be part of your wedding day Brent & Erica. Seriously can't stop grinning about the laughs and funny moments. I totally felt at home with you and your family! | joy, LKM


Amir + Maribel | Tucson, Arizona Wedding Photographer | Reflections at the Buttes | Inspiration: Pink, Silver, Sparkle | PART ONE

{Amir + Maribel | Tucson, Arizona Wedding Photographer | Reflections at the Buttes | Inspiration: Pink, Silver, Sparkle}

Since I met Amir & Maribel at an expo last May we've had coffee dates, email convos, phone chats, and shot a 3 part engagement session (Go HERE to see highlights from their engagement session!). Come wedding time they trusted me and we laughed a bunch! They're wedding party was  great--friends supporting each other and celebrating! We had a few inside jokes to tease about, they're friends and family were very gracious, and their wedding....well, here are the highlights! Here is PART ONE of their sophisticated and classy wedding!



Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0014Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0016oh munchkin face ... :)Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0018lil' girls :) Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0019Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0020Mari, you are absolutely stunning!


gorgeous bouquet! Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0078Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0012Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0081Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0079Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0077cool ring holder yea?!Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0086Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0080Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0083So so suave. :) Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0082Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0084Nothin' like a daddy-daughter cuddle right before show time :)Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0085Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0007 the studsReflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0008Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0009 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0021 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0022 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0023Reflections at the Buttes is gorgeous! Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0024 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0025 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0026 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0027 check out this shot below! my second shooter, heather, snagged it right as the couple were saying 'I do'... gah. love it! props heather!Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0032 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0028 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0029 Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0030

pure joy!Reflections-at-the-Buttes-Tucson-Wedding-Photography-Laura-K-Moore_0031STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO!!!

Jeff & Laura | A German Flight Attendant + Military World Traveler | Tucson Engagement Session


{Tucson Earthy Engagement Session | Jeff & Laura | March 2013}

Jeff & Laura have a love story straight out of a chick flick. No joke. She's a German flight attendent who flies all over the world and Jeff is in the military, they met in the air, on a plane, thousands of feet above the earth. See what I mean? Doesn't it just make you wanna break out in song?! Or send their story to Hollywood or something?! Laura first contacted me on facebook as she prepared to come visit Jeff from Germany for a few weeks in February. By the hair of our chinny chin chin we found a date that worked, planned a shoot and hooked her up with soft, sweet, natural styling by my bomb stylist Dana Buchanan. | My time with Jeff & Laura was a royal picnic. I'd hang out with them just for fun any day. I underestimate how goofy and easy going Jeff would be--oh! and their heart-warming affection for each other is  pure gold. (sigh) Oh friends, I hope these pictures are a treat to smile over for years to come. :) Joy, LKM

Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0033yea yea yea. i realize that the frame thing is SO yesterday's pinterest fad...but whatever. they rocked it. Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0034 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0035 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0036 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0037 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0038Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0032 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0039 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0040 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0042Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0041 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0043 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0044 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0045 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0046 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0047 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0048 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0049 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0050 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0051 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0052 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0054 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0055 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0056 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0057 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0058