Remembering Fred...

When an inquiry writes and says that this might be their last family session together, you take it seriously. 

I was so moved when Devon emailed in December and asked me to snatch just a few images of her family while they all were in Tucson for Christmas... I felt the sincerity of the request--the discipline to maintain a light-hearted atmosphere and a sense of family joy and nostalgia. 


I spent time with them--a good, perfect Tucson December afternoon the day after Christmas. They laughed together and were silly. Both Devon and Emily were so conscientious of details and making sure everybody was ok. I almost felt like an intruder. Almost...until they nearly pulled me into their desert retirement home, hugged and said "thank you" more times than i can count. They asked me questions about my own life and were just so dang happy to have me there to capture a slice of theirs.

They didn't talk of loss. They didn't talk of regret or sadness. They brought out pictures and framed pieces of memories and legacy. Fred told me a story of when he was serving in the war many moons ago and his eyes danced as he talked about his daughters loving them too-the stories i mean. And he hopped from one memory to the next as his eyes shone. 

And he watched his girls. He made his wife laugh. He would do this under-his-breath mutter and then look up me and wink. He leaned on his ladies and sons-in-law--he hated that he needed to, but he let them dote on him and care. so. much. And he was strong and had this history about him that I knew I had just barely tapped into; a sense of family experiences and series of moments that he had been endowed with and cultivated. 


Just this passed week Fred Weprich passed away. I found out this morning when I saw Emily's instagram post about her father... I gasped. My kids were confused and I tried to explain to them that my clients had lost their daddy...but I couldn't get through it.  I have been learning recently that a picture taken at one moment can be 10 times more valuable at a later moment. That's how I feel about this session. It is extraordinary to be on this side of memories, capturing an effervescent spirit about a family that makes you want to know them better and work hard to tell their story well and honor who they are, who they have been and who they always will be. Thank you Weprich family. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful sliver of Fred's life and legacy. | LKM