Andrew + Sam | Tucson Desert Rain-Soaked Maternity Session

2013-03-13_0010{Tucson Maternity Session | Desert Rain | February 2013} 3 years ago my little family of 4 (at that time) lived together with Andrew & Sam. It was one of the best years ever. Doing life together; intentionally living 'in community' as we called it, was a glorious challenge that stretched us and drew us close and taught us much. We have braved some stormy weather together and apart these past 3 years, and just a couple weeks ago I had the absolute treat to shoot Andrew & Sam's maternity session. I'm pretty sure it was the coldest day of the year. Sam sure thought so. She had prepared for sunny skies and the notorious Tucson heat--of which, i reminded her, is actually seasonal and that we do, in fact, have SEASONS in the desert. weird, i know. but now you know. | So this is them. The Horvath family. They are and always will be so very dear to our hearts. This precious  little anticipated bundle of humanity will be joining us in just 2 months. Holy Moly. This is life everyone. There is life in there! (A little creepy. A lotta awesome.) Love you friends! | LKM 2013-03-13_0001 2013-03-13_0003 2013-03-13_00042013-03-13_0002 2013-03-13_0005 2013-03-13_0006 2013-03-13_0007 2013-03-13_0008 2013-03-13_0009 2013-03-13_0011 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0012 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0013 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0014 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0015 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0016 Tucson_Desert_Maternity_Portraits_Tanque_Verde_0017SO SO SO excited for and eagerly waiting for you to join the ranks of parents equally as overwhelmed with the significance and intensity of our job! WOOT! Go team go. | lkm


Jason + Christine | Claremont Colleges, California | Maternity Session

 {Jason & Christine | Claremont Colleges, Claremont, Southern California | Maternity Session} Baby #1 is always an intense thing. I watch these soon-to-be parents look ahead at the unknown future, preparing for radical, exciting change. Because that's what kids do. They change you. They change the dynamic of "him and me" into "us."  Kids rock worlds. They humble hearts.  The calm before the storm is special and that's one of my favorite parts of capturing these maternity moments. It's a solid fist pump to an awesome prelude to an even MORE awesome chapter ahead. (sigh) and thats all i have to say about that. :) | Jason & Christine, thank you so much for letting me frolic about with you during the burst of color and fallen leaves at the Claremont Colleges. You guys were delightful. I hope these moments captured are sweet memories  of that precious prelude... | lkm

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With great joy and excitement for you guys!