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Jason + Genevieve | Spanish Black Tie | Vermont Destination Wedding

vermont-destination-wedding-tourterelle-inn-jacobeit-1 40.jpg
We were engaged in Monserrat, Spain and wanted to bring that spirit back with us for our wedding day in Vermont. Our theme, “From Monserrat to Middlebury,” came to life as Spanish Black Tie in a Barn. Our priority was blending refined sophistication with elements of nature and summer. Middlebury, with its rolling green hills, mountains and clean summer air was the perfect place to bring it to life.

Jason & Genevieve had incredible taste and a refined pallet both for the culinary and aesthetic experience of their wedding. With incorporated Spanish nuances in thier Vermont countryside destination wedding, the vibrant colors and bold statement pieces were met with a classy entourage of friends and family from all over the world. It was a weekend to be remembered in style. 


Venue: Tourterelle Inn // Event Coordinator: Polka Dot Events // Photographer: Laura K Moore Photography // MUAH: Rakhil S Makeup // Gown Store: Gabrielle New York Bridal // Designer: Marchesa // Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana // Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew // Bridesmaid Earrings: Pear & Shine Jewelry // Bride’s Rings: Anna Sheffield // Engagement Ring: Jangmi // His Suit: Paul Smith // Groom’s Shoes: Awl & Sundry // Invitations: Lion in the Sun // Florist: New Leaf Organics // Acoustic Musicians: Rumba Flamenca

We had been looking for a documentary-style photographer with a sense of magic in the work—which we saw immediately when discovering Laura’s style. It captured everything we were looking for—natural moments that felt dreamy, and above all, romantic.

After a relaxed morning getting ready, a massive tour bus came and picked up the entourage of guests and took a couple shuttles to the wedding venue Tourterelle Inn in New Haven, Vermont. The weather was surprisingly warm and we paced portraits with bouts of AC and cold champagne in the shade.

She was as excited about our big day as we were. She was so thorough and attentive without ever coming across as demanding or intrusive. She was always on the lookout for the right light and mood. She just went above and beyond in amplifying the magic of our day.

VENDOR SHOUT OUT: Tourterelle Inn wedding event staff were incredible to work with. Their sense of class and pacing with food and even gentle attentiveness to nurture the guests on an unusually hot day—it was beautiful working with such a thoughtful team. Polka Dot Events from New York also brought their a-game and thought of the details and changes and obstacles without ever letting the guests feel the behind-the-scene hubbub. I really can’t say enough about either wedding masters. They know their trade and they are genuinely concerned about delivering the vision and beauty they’ve fleshed out for months prior. It was inspiring to see the initiative and endless energy and disposition of the whole event team and collaborative force to be reckoned with.

Our planners, Polka Dot Events, were complete rockstars and helped make our Vermont wedding possible! They were there for us every step of the way and made the day flawless. New Leaf Organics, the local florists we worked with, did outstanding work to create a lush ambiance inside and outside the barn. I still get questions about who did the flowers! And of course, the masters of ambiance: the Spanish Guitar duo Jason and Elysa Hochman. They brought true soul and romance to our weekend.
Laura has a real talent for documenting love. She is passionate about capturing the energy of a relationship and the little moments in the day that create lasting memories. We loved working with her and are in love with our photos!

J + G, what a privilege to have been trusted with your destination wedding in Vermont and storyteller for such an incredible weekend of festivities with friends from all over the globe. We look forward to your future and wish you the sweetest of newlywed seasons :) // LKM


Venue: Tourterelle Inn // Event Coordinator: Polka Dot Events // Photographer: Laura K Moore Photography // MUAH: Rakhil S Makeup // Gown Store: Gabrielle New York Bridal // Designer: Marchesa // Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana // Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew // Bridesmaid Earrings: Pear & Shine Jewelry // Bride’s Rings: Anna Sheffield // Engagement Ring: Jangmi // His Suit: Paul Smith // Groom’s Shoes: Awl & Sundry // Invitations: Lion in the Sun // Florist: New Leaf Organics // Acoustic Musicians: Rumba Flamenca

Llamas & Cocktails | San Antonio Wedding


San Antonio’s Dominion Country Club was a classy dream of a wedding venue. Between cobblestone , adobe tile and sweeping spanish architecture with domed skylights, the historical location was the backdrop to a lively evening. Below are highlights of this lovely “May the 4th” spring wedding in San Antonio, Texas… oh, and be warned, the force was alive and well with this dance party.


Venue: The Dominion Country Club // Photographer: Laura K Moore Photography // Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal //

MUAH: Jax Studio // Florist: Botanika // Cake: Cakes by Cathy //DJ: Future Sounds DJ

The day began with leasure pampering by the ladies of San Antonio’s well-known makeup and hair team: Jax Studio. We grabbed lunch at Kneaders and then made our way for our traditional mass ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Immediately following were family portraits before everybody dispersed to the reception venue.

Once at Dominion Country Club, L + V surprised guests with a llama and cocktails while the wedding party did some fancy portraits in the sunbeams around the beautiful wedding venue’s property.

Dinner started promptly and a rockin’ dance party followed quickly therafter.

Luis & Veronica, you and your friends were a hoot and we are honored to have been a part of your love story this past year and capture such fun and energetic pictures that capture the thrill of your day! // Laura & Nikita (p.s. shout out to second shooter Niki who rocked it with her macro and dance floor storytelling skills. It is always both humbling and totally excited to get two artists together and share a whole portfolio of perspective! You are a joy to shoot with friend!)


Venue: The Dominion Country Club // Photographer: Laura K Moore Photography // Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal // MUAH: Jax Studio // Florist: Botanika // Cake: Cakes by Cathy //DJ: Future Sounds DJ 

Parin + Shiragi | Arizona Indian Wedding | Day 2


The groom arrived mid-morning on Day 2 of Parin & Shiragi’s wedding. (See DAY 1 here) and the atmosphere was ripe and welcoming. Shiragi, by tradition, was hid by the brothers and men closest to her pretended to keep her and make it rough to get to her. I legitimately teared up when they finally hugged. 24 hours of pre-celebrating without him had made everybody so eager for his arrival and for them to finally be together.

Now that both families were together, the time melded together into the flurry of family laughter, reunions, everybody wanted a picture with a loved one ALL the time. it was awesome. Pulling away to get a few quick portraits with the bride and groom became less about what time it was and more about how sneaky we could be. It became a game…lots of intuitive eye contact with Shiragi and Parin and keeping a pulse on family. We also had to be fast both because relatives would start hunting us down AND because it was the first triple digit day in the desert and we were SWEATING bullets.


As Parin and his family collected onto the terrace of Westward Look, the music and dancing began and ushered everybody into an energetic and playful Pithi ceremony while they blessed and prayed and laughed over Parin. Best moment was when aunts got fiesty and demanded he strip down and the haldi got crazy. Mom and dad got flanked too. It was fantastic.


There was an interlude in the afternoon for reprieve, showers and primping for the Raas Garba (i.e. the coolest, loudest, most vibrant dance party you’ll ever go to). Once refreshed and ready, we grabbed some moments alone with the couple for a few sunshine desert portraits…and of course a cohort of friends insisted on coming to cat call and join in :)

There is a an indian art form called rangoli where a relative or loved one created an intricate pattern drawn by hand an then filled with powdered rice, flower petals, chalk powder and coloured sand. It’s a form of blessing and expression of celebration. A close relative of the bride and groom was interior designer, Nisha Tailor Interior Designer, who lovingly shared her heart and her art in these designs all over Westward Look’s property. Her particularly eye-catching peacock piece was center stage in the massive ballroom for the Raas Garba.

During cocktail hour and through the evening, our photography team took turns running an open air personalized photo booth. It was a fantastic way to be part of the welcoming experience for guests. We got to meet each couple, take more portraits, connect personally and were welcomed warmly.

MM Celebrations LLC was ON FIRE all weekend long. The event design and planning company from New Jersey had driven in a massive UHAUL cross-country packed with all the treasures to transform each ceremony into an explosion of festivity. Raas Garba was said to be a crowning jewel of color and dancing for the weekend so we came with energy drinks, extra manpower and eye wide open. Santosh flew a band of famous musicians from India for the weekend and they treated guests with lively music until midnight. Sticks were passed out as part of the traditional dance, Dandiya Raas, and EVERYBODY got in on it — old and young — men and women. The energy (and sweat) and fun in that room took “how to celebrate” to a whole new level. Here is a little youtube clip of the BEGINNING of their 45 minute Raas where two circles are formed and start with a first dance of bride and groom. If you can imagine all 400+ guests ending up in that room, dancing in circles faster and faster for 45 minutes.

Midnight came quickly and the party did not peter.

Day 3 coming soon :)


Venue: Westward Look Wydnham Resort Tucson // Photography: Laura K Moore Photography // Videography: Fine Art Productions // Event Design & Decor: MM Celebrations LLC // Grah Shanti, Mehendi, and Garba Hair and Makeup: Blushed by Ish // Wedding Hair and Makeup: Makiaj Beauty // Wedding and Grah Shanti Outfit: Ekaya  // Reception Outfit: Shyamal and Bhumika // Garba Outfit: Swati Manish // Parfum: Valentino // Shoes: “a random stall in india” // Reception Flats: Keds // Rangoli & Other Design Details: Nisha Tailor Interior Designer // Tesla: Turo // Famous Singer & Band: Bhavin Shastri & Group // Famous Flutist- Anis Chandani // Famous Female Vocalist: Dhara Shah // Famous male singer- Dharmesh Chauhan

Vista West Ranch | Wedding Videography Highlight Reel

Here is a highlight wedding video from Eric + Katie's Wedding at Vista West Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas. *Push Play*

To see highlights and photos from their entire wedding weekend, go HERE.

WPPI 2018 | Highlights & Behind the Scenes

Every February/March the world of photography converges in Vegas at a conference called WPPI (Weddings and Portrait Photographers International). Photographers, vendors, industry leaders, trend setters and market voices stand on podiums, walk the halls, hug familiar faces, wave to familiar fans (and even those not familiar), vouch for their favorite products, attest to their current equipment and speak boldly about failures and successes over the years. It is a place where proficiency is honored and a few prodigies are identified. 


This year I, Laura - LKM owner and exec. photographer,  am returning with three ladies who are the current #LKM&CO team. Megan Lange, Makayla McGarvey and Miranda Rico are walkin' the halls as a team--representing LKM with vigor, class and an affirming sense of trust in myself as their boss/leader/trainer/mentor. Attending this conference is something we've been preparing for for months. The girls have gotten used to my invasive questions. They've even started to anticipate them and when they catch me approaching another gut-kicking/self-awareness-challenging question they often say, "uh oh, it's a laura question." #suchasatisfyingthingtobeknownfor


I came this year for these ladies. I wanted them to get dunked into the industry and hear voices other than my own. I wanted to hear different value systems, different strategies, different histories and "how i made it work" stories. I wanted them to observe the variety of personalities and dynamics; assess what organically attracts them to other photographers/other work and what might confuse them. I wanted them to get training in areas that are not my fortes while hearing an echo of things that are the lifeblood of the LKM brand--i.e. LOVE PEOPLE, CAPTURE REAL STORIES, YOUR WORTH IS NOT DEFINED BY YOUR PRICE TAG BUT YOUR PRICE TAG SHOULD REFLECT THE WORTH OF WHAT YOU DO, etc etc etc. (I have several soap boxes that I get very feisty about so i'll have self-control for the moment.)


First stage of the whole experience was working alongside Jerry Ghionis & his Print Competition Crew and fearless "hangers" leader Garret Winslow. We worked in shifts all day. Below are highlights from our time watching a bit of the print judging and hanging the winners on the floor in the expo hall! I very much consider the experience a VIP pass and "sneak peak" to the competition's results.  It was a sweet dunk into the deep end of competitive quality for the girls too. Immersing ourselves into international standards of excellence across a variety of genres in photography was healthy and challenging and inspiring. I especially caught a lump in my throat when 5 internationally renowned judges bantered back and forth fighting the score and integrity of a particularly journalistic image. It was 1 single image and they were peering at it intensely--discussing every gnitty gritty detail that went into a perfect picture--the convergence of old school, new school and just standard rules of storytelling and composition and color grading. I felt myself sobered to think of how FAST i approach pictures and don't always slow down for the perfect elements or patiently comprise something that is one step more refined or thoughtful or patiently precise. I was challenged to be more patient--respectful and engaged with my role a storyteller as well as an artist as well as people person.

once done we hung out and fleshed out the classes and instructor and vendors we wanted to connect with

to be continued... 

Saguaro Buttes Peach & Peonies | Alex + Kirstie's Spring Garden Wedding | Tucson, Arizona


We have wrapped up our Spring Weddings for 2017! Spring in the desert has us breathless each and every season. It's just so stinkin' perfect. Kirstie had wonderful aesthetic taste and Alex's vision for their wedding day was a treat to develop.

We were going for was a great outdoor party. Neither one of us wanted the proceedings to be too formal, and we wanted to focus on making it a fun night to remember! Of course, the original, half-joke half-serious theme we tossed around was “beer garden,” which I think captures the atmosphere we wanted to create – laid back and lighthearted. - Alex

 Their fresh garden wedding was complete with bright pops of peach, subtle sage, modern understated design at one of Tucson's hidden gems of a wedding venue. The staging provided a modest, classy garden pallet that was free and lively -- matched only by the bride and groom's effervescent enthusiasm and sincere joy in each other, family and freinds! Mollee Fitzgerald with POM Events nailed the look with the help of flower director Katie Mclain and her florist team at Posh Petals. Saguaro Buttes was a perfect backdrop for the fresh, relaxed but classy vibe -- a venue tucked away on the east side of Tucson; a hidden oasis set in the middle of a mesquite grove and up against the Rincon Mountains. 

Our personal favorite part of the whole day was how each little section of the day was filled with authentic joy. Alex and Kirstie just make each other laugh and love and their friends were so excited for them! And their unabashed joy in each other--Alex's face and embrace during the first look nearly made me lose it, ceremony vows were both witty and sincere and moving, portraits with family were hilarious, sunset sweetheart time was jaw-dropping gorgeous and the party down in the twinkle-light gilded garden was sheer fun! Here are a few highlights and Kirstie & Alex's review at the end :)


Venue: Saguaro Buttes // Wedding Planner & Day of Coordinator: P.O.M Events // Photography: Laura K Moore Photography // Videography: Black Sheep Filmworks // Make-Up & Hair: I Do Hair & Makeup // Dress: Lulus Bridal Boutique // Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew // Shoes:  // Bridal Party Gifts: Anthropologie // Food: Edge Catering // Cake: Sugar Song // String Musicians: Aracelli Strings LLC 

Alex's reaction during their first look was, hands down, my favorite part of the day...he just melted into her with awe and joy and held her so hard. We were able to capture nearly ALL the fun and classy portraits with wedding party and family before the wedding. The couple were eager to just have natural and authentic time enjoying their family and capturing images that were casual but classy and beautiful and REAL. 

The couple wrote vows for each other that had people laughing and crying equally hard.

After the ceremony we were able to slip away for some golden hour sunset portraits and breathing space. This time is our most favorite time of the day... the light was lovely, the weather was perfect, vows had been made and the party awaited...

and then the party.... SO much laughter and fun!  

Our experience with Laura was absolutely fantastic. From start to finish, I felt like we were in the best hands possible. It was great to know we didn’t have to worry about pictures, or our photographer understanding us – LKM just got what we were trying to accomplish, and helped us make the most out of our vision! I felt like there were many times LKM knew what we wanted more than we did, and it really helped to have LKM share her experience from other weddings to help us make the most of our photos. I am SO SO SO SO SO happy with how the photos turn out – I must look at them at least once a month, and they capture all the moments that are so important to me.If you want a photographer you can trust to capture your image, vision, and hopes for your wedding day… look no further than Laura K Moore Photography! - Official Review from Alex & Kirstie

Oh! Here is the highlight cinematography reel by Black Sheep Filmworks! Enjoy!