Featured on Arizona Bride Magazine!! :D


Earlier this week i shared a facebook status that talked about good news in the photography department. good enough to make me burst into tears. and it’s friday and i can share now. but i want to explain why it means a lot. cuz some of you might be underwhelmed and think i’m silly. which is fine, but it was a big deal to me. 

9 months ago i started trying to submit work to different publications. both online wedding sites (the knot, green wedding shoes, ruffled, wedding chics, style me pretty, grey likes weddings…) and nothing. i got no replies. i take it back..one reply was a rejection. and i get it. It’s part of the way things work. hours were spent culling, submitting files in the variety of different ways that different blogs requested, writing reviews, gathering the details to present each wedding and session that was submitted as best as possible… hours were spent… and nothing.

(not to mention…with each submission, you can’t just blast that submission to multiple sources. publications want to have exclusive feature privileges so i would have to submit my best of the best to one selected magazine than wait for a month or two and then hope that the next submission would pick it up before the submission was outdated or out of season…)

so i stopped. discouraged. acquiescing to the reality that my capacity is only what it can be right now. i was ok. the worst was not hearing. even worse than a rejection. rejections could be constructive. helping me learn what to shoot. what publications don’t want. how to shoot in a way that tells a story with people but also captures the details and nuances that publications are hunting for… but nothing. for a long time.

and then a random email sent at midnight to a publication got a reply within minutes. not just a reply, but they wanted my session featured and they wanted to have it moved up the calendar and instead of waiting 3 months to have a slot scheduled, they gave me this friday. TODAY.

So, friends, folks. I present to you my very first feature. And by non other than, Arizona Bride Magazine. If you want to increase traffic and analytics, check out the feature and leave a comment. You guys--you friends, family, fans who are reading this--you and your support with Laura K. Moore Photography is the lifeblood. Thank you. So much.

GO HERE FOR THE FEATURE: http://arizonabridemag.com/…/glowing-autumn-engagement-sess…