Florida Portraits

Headed to Florida. . .

{ The Elusive Egret; The only flippin' picture i finally snagged | Dunnellon, FL | October 2011}

Last fall, almost exactly a year ago, my daughter and I packed our bags and shot over to my favorite little river city of Dunnellon, Central Florida. It was a whirlwind trip packed with a grip of fun portrait sessions and short-but-sweet reunions with relatives (my mom's side of the family lives there). I was giddy over the tree moss and the cool backdrop the Rainbow River provided. I swear the sky is bigger in Florida and it's sunsets are breathtaking. I tried to snag a few shots of water cranes, otters and even alligators that come to play in front of my Grandma's house. It was tough and i wasn't fast enough most of the time...which makes me REALLY excited that i get to return this October! So yes, rumor's true. LKM is headed to Florida and will be there for the month of October ! Go HERE for more details :)