Hay Day Reprieve | personal...and a public exortation

{Hay Day with Kids | Dunnellon, FL | October 2011} I'll be scattering a few highlights of my Florida visit sporadically throughout the next month. It'll be a good breather from the myriad of family portraits that i hope to spotlight otherwise! Frankly, i can't get enough of these munchkins anyways. It sure pays to be a mommy photographer. No--that is NOT meant to rub anything into any mommy's face. It is surely a push and shove for you mommy's to get the nerve up and start snapping away. Start with remembering your camera when you go on a walk to the park of reading time at the library. stuff the camera in your baby bag and promise yourself you'll take at least 10 pictures that will document the day's activity well enough. It'll rock your world when you realize you remember the little moments so much better when there are images to remind you. I love it! I would remember only a fraction of my kids early childhood if it weren't for the pictures I've obsessively taken of different excursions and milestones. (I confess it was largely a coping/survival mechanism, but nevertheless...) Praise the Lord for the blessing of photography!...and I'm overjoyed to be able to share some of the fun and memories with you! | lkm it's stinkin cute when you ask Judah & Jordyn to 'hug' or 'show some love'--they really get into it--shamelessly; unabashed :) oh innocence how i love thee. thank you aunt beth for taking one of the few mommy&me pics i snagged while in florida :)